Warning: Don’t Breathe

Warning: Don’t Breathe

As I walk down the gloomy halls, I notice a change. Fewer students have been showing up to school lately. I wonder if they’ve been quarantined yet. I can’t help but hear someone cough in the distance and hold my breath. I don’t want to be another victim to the airborne virus. Over the past couple of weeks, the virus has spread to multiple different states. The virus is being contained as best as possible; however, that hasn’t stopped the deaths. Will we ever find a cure?
Unless if someone is currently living under a rock, I’m sure everyone has heard of the coronavirus. What a crazy way to start out 2020 with none other than a Chinese epidemic. According to Aljazeera.com, the name comes from the Latin word “corona” which means crown or halo. When one looks under a microscope, he or she can understand that it was given that name due to its halo shape. So no, this virus was not named after a beer as many have thought. 

Obviously my introduction was fiction, but what is the disease really? The World Health Organization classifies it under the same family of viruses that can cause a simple cold up to the more deadly diseases like Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS). The disease MERS traveled between animals, most commonly a camel, to humans and affected 27 countries, infected numerous people, and killed one third of those infected. The only pleasant idea about MERS is that it was only effective in 2012. 

As if the deadly disease the coronavirus shares a family with wasn’t scary enough, the symptoms of the coronavirus are as follows: an unknown incubation period, fever, difficulty breathing, impaired/failure liver and kidney function, severe cough, pneumonia, and in severe cases, death. In my opinion, the fact that no one knows how long it could take until one would know he or she has this virus is the scariest. Some say that people could be infected for 10-14 days before showing any signs of symptoms, but these people are still able to infect others because the virus spreads through air. 

The virus originated from an illegal wildlife seafood market in Wuhan, China. The consumption of some bad snake meat has caused a world-wide epidemic. I didn’t exactly expect this to be the way the world ends, but with the commotion it has caused, I would not be surprised. This virus has spread from China to Europe, Australia, Japan, Washington, Southern Los Angeles, Chicago, Arizona, and over 10 other places. To make matters worse, speculation exists about a woman in Porter, Indiana, who was visiting from Wuhan. Sources say she was put in isolation to keep her from infecting anyone, but who knows if she hadn’t come in contact with people beforehand.

In attempts to stop this catastrophe, Wuhan has been closed off from practically the whole world. Airports and other modes of transportation have been completely unavailable while people are being quarantined. Forty-six million people already have been quarantined and over 150 people have died. I hope all of these outrageous numbers come to a halt and we find a cure fast. 

The coronavirus is spreading, and what terrifies me most is the fact that we have not found a way to stop it yet. Doctors are treating people as if they have pneumonia or the flu. If we don’t figure out a way to stop this virus from affecting people further, it could spread to a multitude of countries and eventually affect the whole world. I feel as if people should become more aware of this problem and take extra precautions when around people who are showing signs of being sick. But really, when this virus doesn’t even show up for 10-14 days, who’s to say you don’t have it right now?

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