Why Not to Watch “The Turning”



Screams, shrieks, and hidden eyes: The Turning has entered into the theaters. However, our class read the novel of this story before attending the movie, and the movie left all the students in shock. The movie wasn’t comparable to the book and students were struggling to find ways to even describe what they watched. Also, I’m not a fan of scary movies so this may be biased, but this movie left me with all types of hibbie jibbies. Following this movie, I was stuck with being paranoid and drowning in nightmares. Because the movie was scary and uncomparable to the book, I didn’t enjoy the movie as a whole. Therefore, if one wants to see a movie anytime soon, I would highly suggest finding something else to watch. 

In the movie, ghosts appeared every few minutes…talk about having goosebumps. The characters in general were very creepy. Miles, the older brother, acted in a suspicious way the whole movie. He talked with a straight face and reminded Kate, the new governess, that sleeping with the lights on won’t help her escape her fears. This idea gave me a sick feeling and made me hate his character. The way the ghosts would appear were always a jump scare or sometimes unexpected. Therefore, my arm hair was sticking straight up most of this movie. Some might like this feeling but not me. The night after watching this movie wasn’t easy to get through. All my thoughts were of the ghosts appearing in my reflections or outside my windows. I even changed my clothes standing on top of my bed scared of the devil like creature that could be lurking under my bed for something to grab.

The novel made it seem as if Miles and Flora were just kids trying to still have a relationship with their past caregivers. However, the movie made these kids seem as if they were purposely driving Kate into insanity. They would ask her freaky question such as, “Did you have bad dreams?” knowing she did. They would then act as though they knew nothing of the ghosts. Also the part that threw everyone off track is the ending. The ending was like a dream because it never happened. Then instead of Miles dying, everyone lived. This threw the whole audience into a plot twist which left them feeling confused. 

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend this movie. I was very excited about going into this movie, but I walked out feeling as if I had just dropped my ice cream cone… disappointed. Also if one doesn’t like scary movies, this isn’t the movie I would recommend. Overall, this movie was a 5 out of 10 for me. I liked some parts of it, but most of it didn’t impress me.

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