Preparing for College


To everyone that will be applying to colleges or scholarships at any time, there will be two things that stress you out your senior year. One of the two most stressful parts of senior year is applying for colleges. The other is applying for scholarships to go to college. Your whole year is jam packed with applying for things on top of all of your AP and dual credit classes. I know this doesn’t seem so bad, but trust me, when you get up to the point where you think you have time, you really don’t. It all goes by so fast and sometimes we don’t have enough time to react. It is probably the thing that I hate most about my senior year. This wouldn’t be so bad if we were prepared for it, but we aren’t. 

One of the biggest reasons why this process is so stressful is because no one has really prepared us for this. Our school has not done a very good job on preparing us for life beyond high school. In my opinion, the school could do better on telling kids on what scholarships that are available, but the students also don’t do a great job of going and asking for them either. So it’s a fault on both sides. Some things they could do better is make the scholarships more accessible and tell us when scholarships become available. Both sides have a fault in this and need to show some initiative to get things done. I believe that we could be more efficient and helpful to students. Some teachers do a good job of preparing us for college as Mr. Engle. He brought Ivy Tech into the class to talk to us and gave us some options for school. 

Either way applying for schools and scholarships is not very fun. One thing I have learned from this experience is that the earlier you start the better. If I would have started my scholarship applications earlier, I wouldn’t be scrambling to find time to do it and get it turned in. The earlier someone applies, the earlier one could find out if they got into that college they applied for. Applying early is especially important with colleges because if you get early admissions, then you have the chance to reapply if you don’t get into the field you wanted to go into.  Do not, I repeat DO NOT wait till the last minute to do things, or else you might miss deadlines and may not get scholarships or get into colleges. 

When you start applying, you might feel overwhelmed or stressed out trying to get things done and turned in. Just remember that it is worth it because at the end of the day you are planning your future. You will be doing that career for the rest of your life. You are going to have all of your parents, grandparents, brothers, and sisters asking where you are going to go to college and trying to tell you what you should do, but the only thing you can do is to follow your heart. Now that may sound sappy, but it is the honest truth. Go to a college you want to go to, not what everyone else wants you to go to. Go do something that you like, not what makes the most money. For example, If you want to go teach kids, then go to school to do that, not to be a doctor like your father wants you to be. 

The most important thing you can do when applying for colleges and scholarships is to follow yourself and what you want to do. Do not follow what your brothers or sisters did, not what your mom and dad did, but what you want. And if you go into a major that you don’t like to do then switch majors. We all need to learn to adapt and change because a lot of times people will change their majors or careers because they don’t like it. Do whatever you like to do, even if you need to change majors because you will be doing that career for the rest of your life.

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