A Tribute to Our Coaches!

Spring edition

A Tribute to Our Coaches!

One last season for our athletes as our school year dwindles down: spring. During this season the athletes train really hard to show their skills for the end of the school year. Although several students start to slack at the end of the year, spring athletes have to stay on top. Along with the athletes, the coaches have to dedicate their time and efforts to coaching, which takes time away from their everyday lives.  

Let the running begin. Boy’s and girl’s track kicks off in the spring making all the athletes sore and tired. The track teams starts training in January. Mr. Carlton stepped in as the girl’s head track coach just last year and has become a great aspect to the team. Makenna Leight, a sophomore track runner, said, “Carlton has helped me with a lot of problems and has helped me get better in school and on track. He has impacted me by showing me how to keep working and trying when times get hard.” As a sprinter, I can say the love Carlton has for track really makes our season run smoothly even though we complain the whole season about the hard workouts he puts us through. We can’t say thank you enough for all Carlton does for our team. 

Back and forth and back and forth, swinging rackets and hitting balls: the good old tennis team is coached by Mr. Hurst and everyone I know loves him. The talks of Mr. Hurst are always positive. Sarah Rankert, a senior tennis player, says, “Mr. Hurst has taught me how to believe in myself on and off the tennis court.” Mr. Hurst is always making the girls laugh, but he also knows how to get things done. He deserves a round of applause for all that he puts into his tennis teams. 

“Hey batter batter batter.”  Finally, the last sports to end the school year: baseball and softball. The baseball boys start conditioning in the winter to be ready for their season. However, Greg Marschand has baseball on his mind all year round; his dedication to this sport is truly amazing. Easton Good, a senior baseball player, says, “Coach Marschand has taught me life lessons that go far beyond baseball and he has wired me for success in the real world, all while doing it selflessly and with a smile.” Mr. Marschand has made a huge impact on all his baseball boys and in each student here at Lewis Cass. We appreciate all that he has done for our athletic programs. 

Softball has several practices prior to their season as well in order to get ready. The girls all have a great time but also know they must work hard. Jacey Grimm, a senior softball player, says, “ Jon Silcox has helped me become a better leader and player ever since my 7th grade year. Jon has always been willing to help each and every player out if they are struggling or just want extra swings in. Jon also is a very motivational all the time that helps us players get excited for the season!” Mr. Silcox is very motivated to make his team better and always knows what will make them reach the next level of success. The girls all appreciate him and can’t wait to start this years season. 

Overall, coaches, we athletes just want to say thank you. Thank you for the time you dedicate to us, thank you for your efforts in every practice, and thank you for all the memories.

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