Valentine’s Day: The Worst Holiday

Valentine's Day: The Worst Holiday

Pictures, sweet messages, flowers, stuffed animals, and many other cliché gifts flood the day, but none of them are for her. The constant reminder that she does not have a significant other remains in her head as the day passes on. She arrives home, thinking the embarrassment of receiving nothing all day has passed when in reality, it has just begun. She can barely look on Instagram without being overwhelmed with the immense amount of posts on everyone’s social media. As she lies down in bed, the only thing that remains in her thoughts is that Valentine’s Day is truly the worst holiday. 

Although this short depiction is not about me personally, people have this sad day as their reality. Now that Valentine’s Day has passed, I can officially say that it is personally my least favorite holiday. Valentine’s Day can be great for some people, but it can be devastating for others. People with no significant other not only have to be reminded of that every day of the year by friends, peers, and social media but especially on Valentine’s Day. 

Compared to other holidays, Valentine’s Day lacks greatly. On holidays such as Christmas, almost everyone receives a gift of some sort, and no one is excluded. On Thanksgiving, a great majority of people celebrate with friends and family. On Valentine’s Day, the only people who typically receive a gift take part in a romantic relationship. According to, On Valentine’s Day, people traditionally send a card, often anonymously, to a person, one is romantically involved with or attracted to. It seems as though no other holiday excludes people as much as Valentine’s Day. 

I may be biased because I do not have anyone to spend it with, but even when I was with someone during this holiday, I still did not enjoy it. Other people who do have a significant other are not fond of it either. For those who do have a significant other, anxiety and stress commonly overwhelm them on Valentine’s Day. Many people are worried about getting the right gift, taking their loved one to the right destination, and planning out the best way to execute the perfect night. One of the worst possible scenarios, in this case, is completely forgetting to buy a gift for your better half. I have personally witnessed someone pulling together a quick do-it-yourself gift for his wife right before this special holiday, and it did not go over well.

Although Valentine’s Day can be a fun holiday for some people, it can be one of the worst holidays for others. Being excluded from celebrating this holiday seems to be a common activity, and even if you do have a significant other, this holiday can still cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. Holidays should be a good time for everyone to relax and have little to no stress. Valentine’s Day happens to be a very exclusive holiday, unlike many others. This holiday commonly makes people feel unwanted and lonely if they do not have a significant other, and I do not think anyone should feel like that. I would much rather celebrate Thanksgiving or Christmas two times every year than have Valentine’s Day every February 14th. 


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