McKayla Thompson becomes a Cougar!

McKayla with her current track coaches.

McKayla with her current track coaches.

McKayla with her new team and coaches.

McKayla Thompson, a star on the girls track team, signed with Indiana University of Kokomo on Friday afternoon. She will complete her senior track season and move on to run for the cougars in the fall. She has been a varsity track sprinter and long jumper for four years. McKayla participates in track and cheerleading throughout the year. Her success as an athlete comes from many hours of practice, and she even won most improved her freshman year. McKayla loves track and she consistently improves her times each year. She converses with everyone and possesses a great attitude and outlook. At IUK, McKayla hopes to stay involved with her teammates and friends while performing to the best of her abilities.

“I may not be the fastest sprinter or the best jumper but I have a love for the sport,” said McKayla. 

Her enthusiasm for the sport is unmatched. She loves competition and believes it builds character both on and off the field. Coach Carlton said, “I’m very proud of her and how far she’s come.” McKayla received the “Set A Good Example” award in 2019, and went to regionals for long jump. I think McKayla became a great athlete because of her drive and welcoming personality. If you ask anyone, they will tell you how nice and outgoing she is. This made it much easier for her to connect with her new coaches and teammates.

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