Suite Life on Deck


    This past week I decided to binge-watch The Suite Life on Deck, The Suite Life on Deck was an addition to the prior successful television show “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.” Both television shows follow young twins through life pranking and helping people out. 

     The show came out in 2008 but The show has held up over the years.Zach, Cody, Woody, Bailey, London, and Mosbey were the main characters. Each character has specific traits. Zack is overall not very smart, but he is very outgoing and rebellious. He is the lazy twin compared to his brother Cody. He is the smarter, more thoughtful twin and often is the one that helps people when they need it. Woody is Cody’s bunkmate and he  is very different from him. Woody is messy, lazy, and does not do the greatest in school. Bailey is just like Cody, and even at the beginning acted like a boy to get into the school. Bailey is sweet, kind, and smart; he is also Cody’s love interest. London is a rich girl who is a shopaholic and her ego is a little large. Finally, Mosby is the manager of the S.S Tipton and is usually affected by Zack’s pranks.

     The series all started as a continuation of the older series “The Suite Life.” Cody and Zack joined 7 Seas High because their parents wanted them to get a good experience and they received an employee discount because their mom worked for the hotel. The school is located on a crew ship that travels the world and it gives the students a chance to travel the world. It all starts when Baily, to get into the school, dresses and acts like a boy because no more girls spots were open. She eventually gets caught, but London had already bribed her old roommate to leave so she stayed. A lot of the television series is shot on the sky deck, and that’s where most of the problems stop. Cody and Bailey’s relationship is nice at first, but Cody wanted more since she found out she was a girl. Although many times Cody and Zack mess around with people, they often try to help them or help each other. In one case they were in Greece and they accidentally bought a priceless jewel for the price of a fake. They realized it and they tried to bring it back but also not get the worker that sold it to them fired. The story ended up all fine, and the worker even was promoted.

      Suite Life On Deck came out 12 years ago, but it was still just as good as when I watched it then.It was just as good as when it came out because of remembering the episodes and then reliving them again. The characters all held up and I couldn’t believe the evolution of the characters from the beginning of the show to the end.

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