Little Kings Volleyball Clinic


Among all the athletics at Lewis Cass, volleyball does not seem to be one of our best. With a poor record, few girls vertically gifted, and until this year, no consistent coach, having a successful volleyball program has been a challenge. This season we improved a lot and I am personally very proud of my teammates and coaches. This past weekend we took some measures to improve the future of Lewis Cass volleyball by hosting a volleyball clinic for girls ages first to sixth grade. 

At Lewis Cass, volleyball does not start being incorporated into athletics until seventh grade. Most schools around the area start many years before that, giving them a large advantage. Team chemistry, bonding, and knowledge of the game are crucial to having a successful volleyball team. In most cases, the earlier a team of any sport starts playing together, the better off they will be as a whole. “I think getting kids exposed and interested in playing volleyball from a young age is key to building a program,” said coach Easter, the head volleyball coach here at Lewis Cass. 

Although waking up at 6:30 a.m. on a Saturday was not ideal for me or any of my teammates who helped with the camp, it ended up being a great day for everyone involved. We had around eighty girls sign up and participate in the clinic. The day began at 8:00 a.m. with the first through third-grade girls. They came in hesitant and quiet, but once we began, the gym quickly filled with rambunctious laughter and screaming. We worked on passing, communicating to our teammates, setting, shuffling, hitting, and serving. My group consisted of around ten to fifteen girls. Smiles were easily put on their faces while doing drills. Occasionally getting hit in the head with a ball made them giggle to no end. Competitions such as “who can be the loudest” and “who can cheer each other on the best” were the favorites in my group. 

After two hours of drills, games, and silliness, the first through third graders were replaced by fourth through sixth graders. I saw a lot of potential in some of the girls, and it made me excited for the years to come for Lewis Cass volleyball. I could see a genuine passion on some of the girl’s faces, and I hope they continue to love the game as much as I do. 

“I’m excited to see everyone back this summer for camp! The future of Lewis Cass Volleyball is looking bright!” Said Coach Easter. 

It felt very surreal helping these girls. I remember exactly how I felt in their shoes several years ago at my first volleyball clinic. I was so nervous and all I wanted to do was impress the high school players, and now I am one myself. I had to take a step back and look around every once in a while and realize how fast time has gone and that it will sadly all be over soon. 

We continued with the same drills as we did with the younger girls but at a slightly higher standard and more focus on correct form. I could see some of the girls soaking up every word I said to them, even something simple. It is a good feeling knowing that they are looking up to my teammates and me. 

I am very happy about how this weekend went and I cannot wait for the next clinic we will be holding in the summertime. I truly think this will lead to a more successful volleyball program in the next several years. It was overall a very fun and rewarding experience, and I cannot wait for what is in store in the following seasons. 

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