The Flu is Upon us


The flu can kill you! But people don’t look at it that way. This year though, the flu has been a menace to a lot of people, schools, and companies. So many schools had to close down because the flu is so bad this year. I don’t know if it is just a different strand of flu or what, but it is really bad this year. Everyone is just trying to not get sick especially with the state tournaments coming up in sports. I have just been trying to do everything in my power to not get sick so I can make a good run in the state tournament. Schools all over the county have been closing down because of how many students and teachers are getting sick. 

According to Time magazine the reason the flu is so bad this year is “influenza A — specifically H3N2 — is especially prevalent, according to the CDC.” This means that there is a different strand of the flu that is so bad. This strand has “The hospitalization rate is currently at 22.7 people per 100,000 U.S. residents.” This may not sound like a lot of people but with about 320 million people in America that makes about 750 thousand people hospitalized with the flu. According to the CDC the flu this year is considered as an epidemic, but they say it reaches an epidemic every year. In order for it to become an epidemic a certain amount of people that have to get sick with the flu

Each year the flu shot is “tweaked” in order to stop the projected flu strand. “The CDC estimates that the vaccine will be effective against roughly 30% of H3 viruses this year” as Time magazine said. The CDC recommends that if you haven’t got the flu shot, then get it because there is still about thirteen weeks left in the flu season from January 17th. The flu itself is not killing people, its other diseases that the flu lets into a flu weakened immune system. After people get the flu, they are susceptible to other deadly diseases that your body can usually fight off when it is strong. The worst part of the flu this year is that it lasts for a longer period of time than other years. 

Some of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting the flu is to wash your hands after going to the bathroom or after shaking hands with people. You can also get the flu shot to lessen the effects of the flu. The flu can be very dangerous if you don’t take the right precautions, but if you take the right precautions, anyone can be safe. Everyone stay safe and enjoy your days off.

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