A Growing Sport


If we go back into ancient times, we can see that wrestling is one of the oldest sports known to man. It has been around for centuries. The Romans would use wrestling as a way of practicing their hand-to-hand combat. Of course, the sport has gotten more organised over the years and is not used to practice hand to hand combat, well at least not in high school. Wrestling is becoming a bigger and more well known sport. A hundred years ago people didn’t really know what wrestling was in the U.S. because of how long ago it started. Many people in the U.S. didn’t know it was a sport. It is very popular in other countries, but it is still not super well known like basketball or football, but soon it might be. Indiana, for example, is creating a new class called 4A for wrestling because of how many schools are wrestling now

Wrestling has three main styles: freestyle, greco-roman, and folkstyle. The difference between these is in the way they score points. In freestyle the wrestler gets points from takedowns, nearfall (when someone puts his opponent on his back), and escapes, but in greco-roman wrestlers can only use their upper body to score points. So it is basically a throwing competition. In freestyle people gain points by exposing the other person’s back at any time for any amount of time. So if someone were to grab the opponents legs and roll back and forth seven times, the wrestler would tech-fall their opponent for that round, but the person would then need to win one more round to win the match. 

Folkstyle is only used in the U.S. and not internationally because it was developed in the U.S. The main reason the U.S. uses folkstyle in lower levels is so we can teach control over the other opponents for higher levels of wrestling. So In high school we wrestle folkstyle because it teaches good technique. In college people wrestle greco and freestyle in the off season so they can practice their different techniques for when they are in season. So some wrestlers will wrestle greco if they want to get better at their throws, or they would practice freestyle if they want to get better at exposing the back. 

Wrestling is the oldest sport known to man and people are just now realising what it is and how the sport actually works. For so long people used to think what I do in high school is the same fake wrestling that they do in WWE, which is a disgrace to actual wrestling. Real wrestling takes patience and skill to overcome your opponents, not hitting people over the head with chairs. Today people enjoy watching the sport especially in college. A hundred years ago no one would have ever thought there would be a packed house at a wrestling match, but today it’s normal. According to athnet, in 1912 the first NCAA wrestling tournament was held in Iowa. People love to watch the skill and patience people have to wrestle. A good wrestling match will keep spectators on the edge of their seats. I would rather go watch people wrestle than watch people try to shoot a ball into a hoop. I encourage everyone reading this to go to a wrestling match or just watch it on TV. Maybe you will like the oldest sport known to man.

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