Senior Night


Recently I’ve spent a lot of time working on scholarship applications and trying to prepare for college. While I was becoming very stressed, I realized that my last year of high school is coming to an end soon, and it seemed unreal. Yes, I know that I’ve experienced many parts of being a senior this year. I had my last marching band competition and my last Christmas concert, and I applied to many scholarships and colleges. However, now I began to think about how I really am almost done with high school, and I’ll begin my next journey at college very soon. These feelings especially set in when I had my last pep band game last Tuesday. 

The senior athletes and band members were recognized at halftime during the game on Tuesday. The seniors walked out on the court with their parents, and each student’s achievements, extracurriculars, and future plans were announced. Mr. Hinshaw also allowed the seniors to choose the music we played since this was our last game. The seniors chose some of our favorite songs to play.

Many of the other band members were telling the seniors how much they’ll miss them, and it felt strange to think that I won’t be spending a majority of my time with these people next year as I have for the past four years. Joining the band was one of the best decisions I’ve made in life; I’ve made so many great memories with this band. Although I won’t miss the long practices, I’ll definitely miss performing with my best friends and always having a group of people to rely on. The seniors are going to move on and live different lives, but I’m so grateful to have these memories and learned lessons from band that I’ll cherish forever.  

Reflecting on his experiences with the band, Senior Kieran Claypool said, “Although I’m sad to see this chapter of my life closing, I’m excited to see what’s next.” Thinking about her own experiences, Senior Savannah Sturdivant commented, “I will never forget the amazing times I had with some of the most awesome people in the world, but I’m excited for the new chapter of my life to start.” 

I’m definitely going to miss this band and the people in it, but I’m excited to begin working towards my future career. I’m also excited to support the band next year, and I wish them all the best of luck next season! To all the juniors, enjoy your senior year of band because it’ll be over before you know it. 

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