Wrestling Banquet

Wrestling Banquet

Last week the wrestling team held its annual banquet which signifies the official end of the wrestling season. All the wrestlers and their families dress up nice and come to the event to find out who won each award as well as watch the highlight video. For me this was a very special occasion because it is my senior year and that means this was the final banquet of my high school wrestling career. 

First on the agenda was the dinner portion of the event. All of the freshman, sophomores, and juniors on the team were in charge of bringing the main courses, and the seniors were in charge of desserts. My favorite items were the macaroni and cheese, pasta, dinner rolls, and fruit. After a long season of cutting weight, the amount of food each wrestler consumes at the banquet is very large. 

After everyone was satiated, the attention turned to Coach Burrous (my dad) who was going to give out each award. Before that, however, he recognized each wrestler who achieved a varsity or junior varsity letter as well as each Iron Man Award recipient. The Iron Man Award simply indicates perfect attendance, and in my opinion might be one of the most important achievements a Lewis Cass Wrestler can attain. 

The first major award given was the Rookie of the Year Award. My dad brought up both Lane Collins and Jensen Burrous to enhance the suspense. He explained that Jensen had the best winning percentage of all the freshmen and that he had the most varsity wins. Lane, however, made it all the way to Semi-State whereas Jensen only wrestled in the Sectional. Therefore, he announced Lane Collins the Rookie of the Year and handed him the trophy. Now, any wrestler who has been to one of my dad’s banquets knows that he pulls a similar trick every year, and therefore we were not surprised when my dad pulled another trophy out from under the podium and also named Jensen the Rookie(s) Of The Year.  

The next category was Set A Good Example, and this award was announced by coach Bryce McDonald. He explained that the two men he had chosen were great kids and that they were adored by the elementary wrestlers that they often helped. The award winners were Kaine Fowler and Karson Albright. I would agree with coach that these two wrestlers definitely set a good example for the impressionable elementary wrestlers. 

Next was the most coveted award, which is MVP. It was pretty obvious that the wrestler with the most wins and the best record would win this award, and that wrestler was Cayl Garland. It was a great moment for the senior and put a cap on his great high school career. 

The final occurence of the night is the playing of the highlight video, which is a video showcasing all of the best moments and highlights of the season. There is a running joke on the team that the first song played on the video is almost always AC/DC, and so we were pleasantly surprised that the first song this year was a Motley Crue song instead. Each wrestler gets to feel the excitement of seeing himself up on the big screen and hitting their best moves.

Overall, this was a great night to put an end to my high school wrestling experience. I will remember it fondly forever. 

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