Pulling off the Best Prank Yet!

Pulling off the Best Prank Yet!

Imagine you and your fellow teammates are staying at the school overnight… all of a sudden the police sirens sound and the police charge into your school yelling. This may seem unrealistic but welcome to my Saturday night. 

This Saturday the cheerleaders had their annual sleepover at the high school in order to decorate for the basketball sectional. However, what the girls didn’t know was something crazy would follow later into the night. Around 1 a.m. I had mysteriously realized I left my blankets in my car by accident. Therefore, being scared of the dark, I asked Karleigh Frame to go with me outside. I think one can piece it together, but I didn’t forget anything…we were about to pull off one of the best senior pranks yet. 

Karleigh and I ran outside and were supposed to meet Deputy Preston outback. However, he was nowhere to be seen. I was texting and calling him but no response. As we stood in the cold and waited, the cheerleaders began to wonder where we went. My phone began to ring like crazy, but then out of nowhere it died. This wasn’t part of the plan. We were in a panic. Carley Musall had left her car unlocked for us to get the confetti cannons out of; Therefore, we piled into her car finding a charger to plug up to. My phone took about 10 minutes to turn back on. By the time I turned it on, I had five missed calls and several messages. The girls were on the search. Therefore, Karleigh and I took off in Carley’s car to make sure they wouldn’t find us. Preston had informed me that they had a real call and were running late, which was obvious at this point. 

At around 1:30 a.m. Karleigh and I met Deputy Preston and three other deputies, Deputy Beebout, Deputy Bowyer, and Trooper Babbs, at the gas station. Preston texted his daughter Kyah Preston, who is on the cheer team, informing her that a man had escaped and was on the run towards the school. Therefore, the school went on lock down. The lights were turned off and they took cover in the balcony. By this time, the girls were flipping out worried about their safety. 

Once the text was sent, all four sheriffs parked their cars outside the front of the school. We opened up all the doors and they turned on their sirens. All the sirens at once made a really loud, dramatic scene. Then Deputy Bowyer went to the gym yelling that the Cass County Sheriff Department was there and to come out with their hands up, acting as though the criminal was inside. He said he would release his dog on them if they didn’t surrender. 

All at once the sheriffs charged up the stairs yelling, and Karleigh and I shot off two confetti cannons, which sounded like a gunshot. The scream of all the girls combined was almost louder than the four police sirens. We screamed, “You’ve been pranked.” All the girls were crying or sitting still in shock. It had been such an eventful night, and I can’t believe how much fun it had been to be on the other side of a prank. 

Afterwards, the prank was the talk of the night. We all hugged each other and laughed about it. The seniors got the younger cheerleaders good and had a blast while doing it. The girls will never forget this prank, for it truly scared them.

 “I was very scared and nervous when the prank was happening. I was bawling because I thought my friends and I were going to die. I never would have thought it was a senior prank; it was so realistic,” said Kyah Preston, a freshman cheerleader.

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