Lewis Cass Winds Ascend at Greenfield-Central


The Lewis Cass Winds competed at their third competition of the season this past Saturday at Greenfield-Central High School for an Indiana Percussion Association (IPA) show. This was our second time visiting Greenfield-Central for a competition after competing there last week for the WGI Indianapolis Regionals where we earned third place. 

We usually start a show day with rehearsal at the school, but that didn’t happen on Saturday. We had State Solo & Ensemble so we didn’t have time to practice in the morning. We loaded the instruments we use for concert band and Winter Winds, the props, tarp, and everything else that we needed for the day. Then everyone boarded the bus and went to State Solo & Ensemble. After everyone performed, we got on the bus and went to Fishers High School for rehearsal.

When we arrived at Fishers High School, we unloaded the props, instruments, and tarp from the trailers and brought everything into their band room. We were very fortunate that Fishers let us use their band room to rehearse. Without them, we wouldn’t have been able to have a great show day. Once we got everything set up in the band room, we warmed up and went straight to working on the show. After around an hour and a half of rehearsal, we went to the gym to watch some of Fishers’ indoor percussion rehearsal. It was a great experience to watch them perform because they had so much individual character when they performed. That helped us with how we should act in the first movement. Once we went back to the band room to rehearse, we instantly had a different attitude. We wanted to perform and do better, and we did just that. After two amazing full runs, we loaded the trailers and got ready for the show at Greenfield-Central. 

Once we arrived at Greenfield-Central, we unloaded the trailers, changed into our uniforms, and went to warm-ups. After warm-ups, we went to perform. Everyone had a lot of energy and we were actually excited to perform. I haven’t felt the excitement and energy of a performance since last year for “Mirage” at the IPA State Finals where we won. Once we got everything set up for the performance, I could feel that this was going to be the best run of the season. During the performance, we all performed the best we have done all season and it was also the highest energy level we have had all season at a show. The run was visually, musically, and emotionally better. We did all of our body full out and the way it was supposed to, we played very musically with expression and dynamics, and we showed a lot of emotion in the way we performed. 

After the show, all of us felt really good about the run. We knew it was the best we had done all season, but there were obviously things that we can improve on. After we loaded everything on the trailers, we went to the gym and sat in the stands for awards. We placed second with a score of 75.000. We were only 3.050 points behind Westfield who got first. All of us were really happy with the result. We can use this past weekend to keep us motivated for the rest of the season and try to close the point gap between us and Westfield even more.

I interviewed Freshman trumpet player Jesse Morgan about this past Saturday. First, I asked him how his run of the show was. He said, “My run of the show went really well. It was by no means perfect, but it was a vast improvement over previous competitions. Part 3 was exceptional; it went much better than I would’ve expected. However, there is still lots of room for improvement.” Next, I asked him if watching Fishers’ indoor percussion group helped him improve something in the way he performs. He said, “Watching the percussion group was very entertaining and educational. It illustrated just how much individual expressiveness can affect a show’s presence. For the remainder of the rehearsal, I definitely felt a bit “pumped up” so to speak; I was motivated to do everything I could to bring myself up to their level.” Finally, I asked Jesse what can the group do as a whole to improve and be even better. He said, “The main thing (besides general accuracy and clarity) that stood out to me was that we all need to contribute equally to the ensemble, both musically and visually. Those who go the extra mile to be overly expressive are sticking out, short and simple. We all need to be equally expressive with our faces and choreography. There are also a few people who stick out musically as well as people who could contribute more.”

To me, this weekend was really good. We had the best run of the season and everyone did what they needed to do to make the show the best it could be. I’m really proud of this group and we have a lot more in us for the rest of the season. If we continue to improve little things and make things sharper and cleaner, I think we have a great shot at winning state at the end of the year. We just need to keep improving and not take any steps back from where we are now. Come support the Lewis Cass Winds at our next competition this Saturday at Perry Meridian High School and we perform at 3:17 P.M. Come support your Lewis Cass Winds!

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