The World Wide Addiction: An Epidemic

The World Wide Addiction: An Epidemic

Sitting in bed and laptop out, you’re silently freaking out about how bad you procrastinated. Imagining all the classes you have to hastily finish homework for and study for the numerous tests due to the end of the nine weeks is almost unbearable. What does one do when stressed out and procrastinating? Not automatically start working that’s for sure. No, this addiction is a substance no one can get rid of, almost as hard as drugs, caffeine, and chocolate: TikTok. 

As I am writing this article, I am currently scrolling through tik tok being totally oblivious to the amount of work I have piling up. Am I lying? I wish I was. Now I know I am not the only one, so let me tell you about this epidemic we call Tik Tok nowadays and my favorite posts I have gratefully seen in the past week. 

First, Tik Tok is a social media app that allows users to create, share, and discover new short music videos. Posts one finds on the “fyp,” aka for you page, can vary from POVs, dance videos, singing videos, comedy, and more. Tik Tok is considered an app that can help make people go “viral” or “tik tok famous.” This can ultimately lead to big events happening like travelling somewhere exotic, rather than being in school, meeting famous people, having meet and greets with millions of fans from Tik Tok, and so many more cool opportunities. For example, a group of fellow popular teenage creators have created a “hype house” for the people with “hype,” as in more recognition and mostly followed people on Tik Tok, to lounge, chill, and post Tik Toks everyday. What many have been asking, with no definite answers yet, is how are they all able to do all this once in a lifetime events when we are stuck taking tests and staying in school? The world may never know. 

Lately, new trends have been occurring that everyone is trying to hop on and hope for the best that they try to get viral for it. Some are just getting old and boring whereas others are extremely good because of the creator’s little twists. Many people get recognized for their acting in this app as well. We have all downloaded Tik Tok either to check out why everyone was obsessed with it and “as a joke.” I think it is safe to say that we are now all officially addicted. 

My favorite videos are the POVs because the videos are like little movies or episodes that one gets so invested into waiting for more. Not all POVs are usually the same so that just creates more excitement on my part. Granted, I am lousy at making videos and posting them, but I just adore watching other people and their magnificent creativity. For instance, the art and fashion designs people make are just beyond incredibly unique. In addition to that, I have seen so many hacks and helpful tips I could use in my everyday life. One person posted videos about pressure points that could heal stomach aches or headaches and more! 

I could talk on and on about this wonderful app, but I don’t want to bore you too much. In my opinion, go check out the app “as a joke” to see what all the hype is about and see if you get addicted like a majority of the world has too. For those who already have it, I hope you all understand my everyday struggle. So if you’re reading this, get off your phone, most likely Tik Tok, and get to work, haha.

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