POV: You Turn Sixteen

A Day in My Life: Birthday Edition


I woke up to my mother’s voice wishing me a happy birthday. I noticed I obtained more energy than usual because excitement filled me for my long day ahead. I open my phone and read the many texts from friends and family wishing me a happy birthday. I smile as I think about the day ahead, hoping for the best birthday yet. 

I am shocked when I arrive at school and have no birthday fairy granting all of my wishes like in the iconic movie titled, 16 Wishes. I assume she is keeping busy with Kaylie Williams, my close friend, as it is her sixteenth birthday as well. Williams said, “It is weird turning sixteen. I really feel as though I am growing up and these years have really gone by fast.” 

I roamed the halls, my close friends wished me a happy birthday and expressed how crazy it is that I am sixteen. Sixteen is a milestone and it truly feels weird to be this age. Thinking back to six years ago in middle school, being sixteen seemed like a dream. I felt as if I would never be this age, but here I am. The sweet texts and messages kept a smile on my face as I went about my day. My friends truly made me feel special. 

In Spanish class, my whole class sang happy birthday in Spanish to me. I felt embarrassed as Charity Cicalo placed a large sombrero on my head. I laughed as I repeated “dieciséis!” to the class. 

After school, I was able to go to softball practice. Practicing inside can be fun, but outdoor practices such as today truly make me love softball. Kaylie and I were wished a happy birthday from Coach Silcox and many others. 

Following my tiring practice, I left for Taku with my close friend Kyah Preston who is on the softball team as well. We headed out, sweaty and tired, ready to take on a fancy restaurant. Upon arrival, Marla Murray attended Taku alongside Kyah, my family, and me. I could not contain my laughter as our chef accidentally sprayed non-alcoholic Sachi, a Japanese drink, all over Marla’s face. “It is all over me!” Marla squealed, which only added to my entertainment. 

Taku never disappoints, and the food tasted amazing as usual. We all left the establishment with our stomachs full and wallets empty. 

After dinner, my mom and I arrived at my house at around 8:30 p.m. for the first time since 7:00 a.m. We were welcomed by my aunt, uncle, and baby cousin from England. They recently traveled back to the states just in time for my sweet sixteen. It was extremely good to see them and I could not be more excited that they are here with us. 

All in all, my day truly could not have gone much better. With an overwhelming amount of birthday wishes, tons of friends going out of their way to make me feel special, and celebrating with friends and family, this has truly been the best birthday yet. I cannot wait to continue celebrating my birthday at my birthday party. Although my sweet sixteen was not movie-worthy, it will be remembered as one of the best. 

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