I Am Not Okay With This: A Review

I Am Not Okay With This: A Review

Her father committed suicide in the basment of her childhood home. After the shocking tragedy, she cannot get along with her mother. Since her dad died, her mom has to work all of the time, which means that she basically has to raise her little brother. On top of that, she is constantly struggling to keep her cool because of her new found abilities.

As Syd, the main character, lives her life, the viewer can see that she has a hard time with not only herself, but the people around her. She struggles through high school like many teens do. She says, “I think there might be something wrong with me,” but something unexpected happens and she realizes that she truly is not like other people. Whenever certain emotions intensify, such as anger, embarrassment, and fear, Syd seems to almost burst. Crazy events will take place if she is not careful with her emotions. During a party, she felt very angry and ran into the woods. She stopped suddenly and screamed. As she let out this enraged scream, she let out this burst of energy that knocked down all of the trees around her.

While Syd tries to learn about her mysterious actions, she also has to deal with high school. Since the majority of the students think she is weird, she is constantly taunted and made fun of. Her friend group consists of one person, Dina, who recently moved to town. As the show progresses, Dina starts to get more friends and a boyfriend, which makes Syd upset because she feels like Dina is ditching her. This series follows Syd through all of her problems with friends, family, and herself.

Cana, a viewer who recommended the show to me, said “This show reminds me a lot of a more modern version of Stranger Things. I enjoyed it a lot, and I found it very interesting and intriguing. The season ended very abruptly, and I hope they put the second season out soon. I wish that Stan and Syd ended up together, but maybe they will in the future seasons.” 

I Am Not Okay With This, directed by Jonathan Entwistle, first appeared on Netflix on February 26, 2020. This comedy/drama relates to another popular Netflix original series, in the fact that both include some type of psychological powers. Executive producer of the show, Shawn Levy, directed Stranger Things, so the correlation is no surprise to any viewer who is familiar with both series. The main difference is that Syd keeps her powers a secret. She only shares her secret with one person, Stan. Stan tries to help her understand and control her powers, but that does not go very well. 

I would definitely recommend this Netflix series to anyone who might need a new Netflix series to watch. I would recommend this show to someone that likes coming of age, mysterious, The viewer will never be bored while trying to solve the mystery behind Syd’s new abilities. The recommendation by Cana Jones kept me entertained and looking for more. Season two could not come soon enough.


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