How Indoor Band Has Effected My Life


Music has always been a large portion of not only my daily routine but my entire life. On the regular day to day, I can be seen humming songs, tapping my toe to a rhythm, or dancing in the kitchen while doing the dishes. In sixth grade at my elementary school, the opportunity came about to sign up for the band in my small school. Of course, I already knew that I was going to sign up for the program. For years previous I had been watching my cousin, who was in high school with the Lewis Cass Marching Kings, march in the fall. I went to every contest weekend after weekend all over the state watching people march and play. For a little kid I thought that it was one of the coolest things one could do in high school! When the day came for instrument sign-up in the high school band room, I was ecstatic. Little did I know that this day was one of the first stepping stones to what would be an amazing journey.

Flash forward to senior year and if it weren’t for the band programs in my corporation, I don’t know where I would be. My directors have made it possible for myself and multiple students to grow and reach out to others in an environment that encourages us to be ourselves. Programs like IPA and ISSMA have helped me break out of my shell and really develop the skills of a leader and a listener.

Without my experiences, I wouldn’t know what I would want to do with my life. My previous band director showed me that I wanted to pursue music as a career and influenced my actions as a musician like no other has or will. As a result, this fall I will be attending Ball State University to achieve a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education with a minor in performance. Teaching has a way of getting to help students one-on-one, but the bond that I have had with my directors is heart-to-heart.

Music has been the only thing that really makes sense to me. What would be better than getting to influence students the way that music does? Getting to be part of a program that has opened its doors to me has given me the chance to have a band family and a closer real family. My parents are heavily involved in the program similar to how my sister and I are, which makes for weekends packed full of time together and musical memories. As a music teacher I wish to not only teach students the what and how to play but how to let music engulf your heart, soul, and mind. Nothing would bring me more joy than to watch students grow and have the same experiences I have enjoyed.



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