Brave New World

Brave New World

Brave New World was and still is a very controversial book because of all of the sex and drugs talked about in the book; however, this book is very misunderstood. This book was written to make fun of how people will follow the government in everything they do but don’t see the evils that they are trying to do. Aldous Huxley did a very good job describing what society will eventually look like if we keep trusting the government to run our lives. During the time he wrote this, the world was on the brink of World War Two; therefore, he saw the dangers of communism in the world. The book references, “everyone belongs to everyone else” which describes the dangers that Huxley saw in the world and government. 

Huxley talks about the “Savages,” who have Christian and Indian based faiths, who live their lives according to the bible and their ancestors instead of Ford. They live only having one partner for the rest of their lives and having kids through sex and not tubes. They are considered outcasts of society because they have an old way of thinking. Huxley uses them as a way to compare our way of thinking to this new world that he has created. This comparison is important because it shows how faith in Christianity and God may wither away if we keep following the government and the new technologies that they are using. 

In Huxley’s new dystopia, the government is controlling everything in the world. The government is called the World State and consists of ten world controllers that control a part of the world. “The World State is a unified government which administers the entire planet, with a few isolated exceptions. The motto of the World State is “Community, Identity, Stability” (wikipedia). Their whole job is to make sure everyone is happy, stable, and most importantly, busy. The reason they want to keep everyone busy is so no one has time to be by themselves so they can actually think about things and how the government is controlling them. The government doesn’t want them to be able to have free will. They want everyone to follow what they say is right and wrong even though some of the things they say are “right”, which are actually wrong. 

The difference in Huxley’s society and the society we live in is the bad and evil between the two worlds. Huxley’s society doesn’t see any evil or face adversity as we do in our society. We face so much bad and evil in our world so we can see the true good in the world, but in Huxley’s society people can only see happiness through sex and drugs. The sex and drugs in his world are normal among people but in our world we think having sex with a bunch of different people and taking drugs all the time is an imoral and is unchristian like. In Huxley’s society it is normal, but the moral and christian way is immoral to them. This may be a foreshadowing of what our world may look like in the future. As Yuval Noah Harari,   , stated, “Today, happiness has become the supreme value, and we increasingly use biotechnology and social engineering to ensure maximum satisfaction to all citizen-customers” (Harari). 

Some might ask how is our world turning into that society? We are slowly turning into that society by the way we think and act. What I mean by this is in today’s society we have laws where we have same sex marriage, people go out just to have sex, people get famous from having sex. It is kind of a beginning of what Huxley was writing about. Yes, people aren’t born from tubes as they are in the book, but who says they won’t be in the next century. People are allowed to genetically modify their child to not be autistic or special needs. No one listened to him and his warning is not too far away from us. In the Huxley trap Douthat says, “It’s a realm of fleeting private pleasures and lasting social isolation, of social peace purchased through sterility, of virtual sex as the opiate of the otherwise sexually unsuccessful masses” (Douthat). Does this not apply to our society today? Everyone is looking for this pleasure that Huxley describes in his book. Everyone wants to be around everyone else people want to be bothered by the world. People want to feel needed just like they do in Brave New World.

He also wanted to warn us that Chritianity is going to die out if we keep going in our way, and he is not wrong because if we look at the world today there is not much Christianity going on. The worst part about this is that he was not wrong. We are turning into a world where the only thing we have to look forward to is sex and drugs. We are soon going to put behind us the morals that we have today and become the sex and drug crazed world that Huxley creates. The only thing that can change it is if we are willing to change ourselves.

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