An Open Letter to the Coronavirus


       Dear Coronavirus, you’re making life hard to live right now. You have not only taken students out of school but have cancelled things that are very dear to them. You have caused isolation over several countries and have left the population to crumble. Everyone only has one question for you… Why? 

        The seniors at Lewis Cass are terrified of you. Not only because you could take their health but rather take their last few days of being a high schooler, their sport seasons right from their hands, or take their last few memorable moments of being a senior. As a senior, I can personally say you have got me in tears. I know the other seniors feel the same way, but you are bigger than our wants and desires. 

        As the spring season approaches, the student athletes have been on their feet working hard to prepare for their sports. Working day in and day out to become the best athlete possible, the athletes didn’t expect their season to be put on pause as a virus swept over the country. To most athletes, this felt unfair. Bo St. Clair, a senior golfer, said, “I think that golf potentially getting cancelled is obnoxious to say the least. If none of the team has the virus, then why cancel the whole sport.” Olivia Shaffer, a senior runner, said, “It makes me sad that our season could be over. I was really looking forward to getting some PR’s and being able to celebrate victories with a team that I love.” Then Emily Tigler, a senior track runner, said, “I’m really bummed that I might not be able to finish my senior track season. I’m scared that it’s already over before it even started. I just want to be able to run with my teammates.” I would have to agree with Emily. As a senior runner, I can’t even imagine not getting to enjoy my senior season with my amazing team. I want nothing more than to finish my last season of track with my girls, but it seems to be too much to ask for. 

       Several other seniors are making the joke about never having a graduation or an open house. Although they are trying to lighten the mood by joking, this may turn into a reality. As more things begin to cancel our hopes are sitting on a fine line. We are in fear for our classes, our prom, and our graduation. Nothing is guaranteed as of right now which is hard for the seniors to fathom. 

Here are a few things our students would like to say. 

  • “Dear Coronavirus, I wish you would be more considerate about those who are seniors this year and go away until the end of the semester, thank you,” from Bo St. Clair, a senior.
  •  “Dear Coronavirus, you are really putting a damper on my senior year. It would be great if you could just go away so I could actually go on spring break and have my sports back. I also would really rather not be at home the rest of the semester, so it would be great if you could just stop and go away forever, thanks,” from Cayl Garland, a senior.
  •  “Dear Coronavirus, please stop postponing our life experiences, thank you,” from Bella Panemi, a junior. 

       In the end, Coronavirus, you have taught us students a lesson that we may have never understood. We should never take anything for granted. For we never know when all of it can be taken away from us. Most of us students don’t understand the actions going on right now, but we understand it’s all at the cost of our senior year. Coronavirus, please don’t stay around. We didn’t welcome you with open arms, but we are willing to show you the way out with them.

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