Senior Season Comes to an End


With the coronavirus leading to numerous cancellations, the band is one of many organizations that has experienced the disappointing effects. The Winter Winds group will not perform the last two competitions due to IPA cancelling the rest of the 2020 season. The group became very excited for the additions to the show, so hearing this news upsetted and disappointed many students. Not only did the winter winds season end shortly, but the trip to Disney has also been cancelled due to Disney World closing down. The concern for health safety has cancelled numerous events, and so many students, not just band students, are dealing with the upsetting results. 

Hearing that my senior season of winter winds was coming to an end so suddenly definitely hit hard. The news was upsetting to many students because seniors don’t get to perform at another competition, and this group doesn’t get to perform together again. However, the winter winds staff did allow us to perform one last time during band class on Friday. Although it wasn’t at a competition, it meant a lot to perform that show one last time with this amazing group. Many tears were shed and hugs shared, and I couldn’t be more grateful to have performed that last time with some of my favorite people. 

When asked about the winter winds season, Joseph Mykut, a junior in band, commented, “I felt like it started slow, but when we got going, we really started to do well. I’m disappointed that it had to end early though.”

Savannah Archer, a freshman in band, included, “The winds season, in my opinion, was better than marching season. I got much closer to a lot of people in band, and I was sad to see it end early. I can’t wait for next year’s winds season.”

The gym was open to the other band students that weren’t in winter winds to watch the performance also. Savannah Sturdivant, a senior in band, really enjoyed watching the performance. “When the winter winds crew performed in the gym, I found it really cool that they finally got the final performance they all wanted. But when I saw my best friend perform her solo one last time, it brought tears to my eyes.”

Another cancellation that affected many people in the band was the Disney trip. Since Disney World is closed until the end of March, the band cannot go on the trip that many students have been looking forward to all year. I was definitely disappointed and upset because I was really looking forward to spending this time with my best friends. We were all really excited to have this opportunity to take a fun trip together before the year was over. The Music Travel Company is currently trying to work out something for the band. They’re either going to try to reschedule the trip or provide refunds to the families. Both options are difficult because they would have to reschedule around 80 people’s schedules, and many reservations have already been made and paid for with the money that students provided. 

Although I’m very disappointed and upset about the circumstances, I’m trying to focus on the good things. I’m very grateful that I was able to spend my last season with such amazing people, and I’m proud of the show we created even though it wasn’t finished yet. I know many students are going through hard times with many events and sports being cancelled or postponed, so I wish everyone the best with future events. 

Video of our last performance:


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