The Hunt: Movie Review

Movies are a perfect source of entertainment in the quarantined world we find ourselves. Streaming services are convenient and contain a plethora of shows and movies, but the movie theater experience is undefeated. Give me a large popcorn and some Mike and Ikes in front of a giant screen and I’m happy. Also, everyone is afraid of this pandemic, which causes empty movie theaters. In my opinion, this is the prime time to visit your local cinema. I did just that last Friday to watch The Hunt.

The Hunt has the feel of a grown-up Hunger Games. It’s the same basic set-up: people are stranded in a remote location and are being hunted. The major difference is the hunters. The 12 stranded, clueless people are being hunted by the social elite and the hunted are “hicks.” The hunted have the odds stacked against them and many meet their demise. One woman leads her own rebellion to combat the social elite. This movie’s thesis attempts to point out the power social media has on society and the flaws in that. However, this is just the first of many flaws I found within this movie.

The movie opens with a scene of the social elite chatting online. They “jokingly” made a comment about hunting the bottom of the societal barrel. This conversation was leaked somehow and ruined the careers of those talking in the group chat. These elitists then decide to make true the joke that ruined their careers. I don’t see the merit in killing people to prove them right, but you do you. The movie doesn’t tell this storyline in chronological order, so the audience is somewhat confused for the beginning. Another flaw in this movie was the casting. The movie presented some faces I recognized when they popped onto the screen; however, they were used as bait. The big names were killed off pretty quickly and with very little lines of their own. So, if you’re going to a movie for a certain actor, I’d recommend otherwise. Furthermore, the movie tried to make an allusion to the book Animal Farm. They compare a character to Snowball because the social elite believe she will be the voice of reason for the hunted. This wasn’t the case because it’s hard to be the voice of reason to a bunch of corpses. 

I really enjoyed the premise of the movie and it contained a surprising amount of comedic relief, but the movie was poorly done. The timeline of the movie proved hard to follow, useless characters were aplenty and a complete miss on the meaning of the movie. The movie contains enough action to make this movie tolerable but not enough to make it worth the ticket of admission. I would probably give it a 4/10. Go for the action; leave wanting for more.

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