Dear Coronavirus

Dear Coronavirus

School, softball, my sixteenth birthday party, a girl’s day out, friends, time spent with my grandma, and several foreign exchange students here and in surrounding areas are all things the coronavirus has easily taken away from me and many others. Not being able to do much outside of the house has given me some time to think and process. The fact that there seems to be little to nothing we can do about it is one of the worst parts. We just have to deal with everything that has been canceled and move. Dear coronavirus, this is for you.  

The fact that I will not be able to have my sophomore season of softball makes my heartbreak, and it is your fault. It hurts even more for the amazing seniors who would have gifted us with a great season. The feeling I get when I play softball is unlike any other. I feel genuine happiness and excitement for the challenging game. Knowing that I will not be able to experience this feeling until next season makes my bones ache with sadness, and it is your fault. However, to Jacey and Savannah, our seniors, I love you both so much and I am very grateful I was able to play one season with you. I cannot imagine how you  are feeling, but know that you have big things in store. Corona, I have played softball since the age of four, and I cannot play this year because of you. 

This past Friday I was planning on having my sweet sixteen. Sadly, with the new rule of no more than ten people together, this was unable to happen. I have been looking forward to and planning my sweet sixteen since I can remember. Watching both 16 Wishes and 16 Candles have prepared me for this big day only for it to be snatched away by you. Due to the fact we do not know how long you will be here infecting people, we are unable to reschedule at the moment. 

My grandma and grandpa are unable to leave the house because of you which limits the time I get to see them. I am terrified of the fact I could be a carrier and possibly infect one of them. My grandparents recently moved here from Pennsylvania to see my whole family and me much more often. They are now unable to do so because of you. 

My family visited from England to our house so they could see me on my sixteenth birthday. They had many other places to go before leaving and were planning on spending a lot of time with my family. Due to how you changed their flights, they had to leave as soon as possible. I was only able to see them for a quick two days because of you. 

Not only have you taken my grandparents away, but I also cannot spend near as much time with my mom. Hundreds of elderly people live where she works. Several nights this week  she has stayed much later than usual because of how bad it is when you infect the elderly. They are taking precautions that require their staff to stay late making my mom tired and worn out by the time she gets home. 

With school out until at least May 1st, I will not see a lot of my friends for a long time. I enjoy school a lot because it keeps me active physically and mentally. It is very challenging to learn new things with no teacher or interaction with classmates. Corona, you have taken away my love for learning and made me resent doing school work. 

Although all of the topics I spoke about are bad, I know it could be much worse. I know this will pass and soon be over, but right now it is hard to overcome. I am sure my struggles are similar to others, and it is reassuring knowing I have people who can relate to how I am feeling. This is not me complaining, but I am simply voicing my thoughts and resentment toward the coronavirus. I hope all of you continue to be safe and healthy, and we will get through this virus and the struggles it brings together.

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