A Dream Shot Down


We all heard the news about school being cancelled before spring break. Then we heard about school being cancelled until May 1st. Now, school is put on e-learning for the rest of the year. I have mixed feelings about this. I felt relieved when we cancelled the week before spring break; however, the cancellation of sports made me upset. Everything I like ended abruptly. The CEO trade show cancelled my business plans, and I worked hard to create a real business. Furthermore, my classmates and I will miss the last week of school. We already miss our friends, the spring break trip, and going out to eat with our families. The global pandemic ruined many things for everyone, but I have high hopes that it will end by mid-summer. 

The virus changed a lot of things for my family, but we altered our plans. My mom and I work online throughout the day on a website. This provides us enough work to stay busy and continue receiving payment. My college class remains online and their spring break extension lasted a week longer than expected. Contrarily, I feel very available during this time. I feel no pressure to do anything. I spend a lot of my time watching Hulu, playing Call of Duty, or working out at home. To get out of the house, I go on drives and listen to music for a while, or go pickup food from local businesses with my step-dad. My family stocked up on products such as canned goods, cases of water, and toilet paper in case the rest of our family needed any. The corona virus may be upsetting people across the world, but it allows for many families to interact and spend time with each other. 

The number of cases in Indiana a few weeks ago hovered over 3,000. The death toll peaked at 78 cases on April 3rd. The amount of cases sounds like a lot, and the test results take up to two weeks. Indiana reported its first case on March 6th, and its first death on March 16th. Howard County stands at 32 cases and 2 deaths. On the contrary, Cass County reported its second case only a few days ago. Indiana’s cases currently sit at 4,944 according to a chart from The New York Times updated today. The tips they offer go hand in hand with the news channels: Wash your hands, Distance yourself from sick people, and Prepare your family. I admit I wash my hands before and after I eat and practice proper hygiene. The distancing protocol is the hardest. I miss seeing my friends, siblings, and my coworkers. I never thought I’d miss going to school, but I do. I miss the sports, my coach, and my teachers. It feels very weird not being in school for so long, and it’s worse knowing most seniors will never go back to Lewis Cass High School until graduation. 

My experience with Covid-19 made me take a step back from society. Most of my family and I sit in our houses or work on the house to stay busy. I never envisioned the last few weeks of my senior year to turn out this way. None of my friends did either. Furthermore, people will value the feeling of “normal” again and cherish the special moments. I encourage everyone reading to stay safe and healthy.

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