American Idol Contest! Enter now!

Win a pizza party!


The competition is on! American idol contestants are starting to dwindle down to choose the next American Idol. However, everyone has different opinions on who this winner should be! On the King’s Courier, we want your votes. To make things interesting, this will be turned into a competition. This competition is open to everyone, not just students. Listed below are the top 21 contestants; please vote who you believe will make it to the final five. You will then receive points for every episode that your top five stay in the race for the final winner. You must enter before April 26th, 2020! To cast your vote and keep it confidential, please email your final five to me using the email below. I will then post everyone’s votes on this page on April 26th! The winner will receive a pizza party with their friends from Mr. Engle. Make sure you choose wisely…Mr.Engle claims he is pretty hard to beat, so good luck!

If you have not seen all of the Top 20, here is a link so you can watch them all and then make your choices. 


[email protected]

Here is the list of the Top 21:

Aliana Jester, Age 19

Arthur Gunn, Age 22

Cyniah Elise, Age 18

De Wayne Crocker Jr., Age 23

Dillon James, Age 26

Faith Becnel, Age 20

Francisco Martin, Age 19

Franklin Boone, Age 28

Grace Leer, Age 28

Jonny West, Age 23

Jovin Webb, Age 29

Julia Gargano, Age 22

Just Sam, Age 21

Kimmy Gabriela, Age 17

Lauren Mascitti, Age 28

Lauren Spencer-Smith, Age 16

Louis Knight, Age 19

Makayla Phillips, Age 17

Nick Merico, Age 24

Olivia Ximines, Age 17

Sophia Wackerman aka “Sophia James,” Age 20

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