Staying Busy


To stay busy during this surprisingly awkward change of events, I chose to continue working online at my job. I have taken hundreds of pictures of sectionals, recliners, and chairs over the past few months. Unfortunately, I learned none of this would make it onto the website I’m working on. At Lucas Home Furniture, the website is outdated. My boss allowed us to work on this project and make the website more accessible and aesthetically pleasing. Currently, the website is not live. My mom designs the media and places pictures on multiple pages. We contacted a freelance worker to help code and fix any problems we might run into. I think this is a great way to stay busy and challenge my brain. 

The workload is light or heavy depending on the task. I find pictures of seemingly every piece of furniture in a collection we sell. The store sells many brands, and each of them has multiple collections. One collection I worked on took about three hours to finish. A sectional with numerous add-ons may use the same picture; however, some sectionals come in several colors. This situation becomes difficult quickly. I visited multiple websites to find pictures for one chair, and it took way longer than I wished. The benefits of this opportunity allow me to work behind the scenes on an unreleased project. Navigating the back ends of a website is hard, but it lets me play around with trial and error. I have a deadline to meet, and it pushes me to work ahead and create great content. It also provides a paycheck during this uncertain time in society, and I’m grateful to remain employed. 

After finishing up my work, I have an adequate amount of time to relax and watch Hulu or talk to my friends. The only disadvantage is time restriction. Many of the requirements take time to finish and must be completed. The website looks great so far, and it should be finished within the next few weeks. I learned about this project a week before we left school and had no plan on participating. Contrarily, I appreciate that it allows me to work on new things and meet deadlines.

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