Trolls: World Tour


Since this quarantine has started, my go to had always been Netflix and TikTok. The amount of times I have been bored is way off the charts! Luckily, FaceTiming friends and bonding with the family during these troubling times helped me to stay a little active and not be a couch potato the whole time. Although sports has technically been “cancelled” for the rest of this school year, we still have to train for our upcoming fall sport. During my free time, I feel like I have watched almost every movie ever made in the history of movies. One of the most recent movies that I watched was the new Trolls movie. Let me just tell you with no spoilers right now: so much better than the first one. 

Of course, when the first Trolls movie came out everyone thought it to be hilarious, spectacular, award-winning. I did not think the sequel would trump the first one whatsoever! In my book, sequels are usually not as good as the first because a lot of the OG, original, movies are sometimes difficult to beat. However, not only did the sequel to Trolls surpass in greatness, in my opinion, but the movie had more songs and fun jam times. Both movies were hilarious but I feel as if the second movie had more jokes, more of a storyline, and more plot twists. One particular character sure was sort of annoying throughout the movie, but everything got worked out at the end, just like any other movie. 

I loved how the movie included almost every single genre of music and the types of people creating the music. Not only that, but the fact that a person can “be” more than just one type of music was interesting. In real life, people can like any type of music and are not limited to just one genre, but most of the time people only side to one that they truly connect to and think that one genre should be the superior type of music: just as Rock music was during the movie. 

Unlike the first movie, the second movie had more of a deeper background/storyline that kept being brought up and explained as the movie continued. During the first movie, a “story” was told that initially was the background for that movie; however, in the second movie, the background story sort of changes throughout because of the different sides to one story. I would explain each version of the stories that were told, but I fear that might be too big of a spoiler, for I was sure shocked when the scene came up. 

Overall, the movie was outstanding, and I recommend this to anyone seeking for a nice movie to watch for fun. This movie is a great family movie and everyone will absolutely love it. I definitely have moments when I like to watch animated movies during the night rather than serious movies, and this movie is definitely one of my top picks.

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