Death: A Complicated Ordeal

Spoiler Alert

     What would you do if you knew your death date? Would you even want to know? Life was like that for a boy named Denton Little. He was cursed with an early death date, his girlfriend’s crazy ex-boyfriend, and not being able to attend his senior prom. Lance Rubin, the author of Denton Little’s Deathdate, is currently living in Brooklyn, and he switched his career from acting to pursue his passion for books. This was the first book he had written and it earned an International literacy Association (ILA) young adult book award. The author portrays how a person’s last days on earth are not as easy as you think they are, and how a life can change in a blink of an eye.

     Lance Rubin was born on October 6, 1981, in Freehold, New Jersey, and he learned living in the city can be hard, especially as an only child. He had to work very hard to stand out in the crowd and that is what Lance did. Since Lance was six, he always dreamed of being a professional actor and always had a love of books. All through middle school, high school, and college, he pursued his dream of acting through plays and camps. Lance enrolled in Brown University, and they accepted him. He started pursuing a career in acting in his twenties and co-starred on the Lance and Ray Show but found more success in comedy sketch writing.

      Lance Rubin was dropped by his agent in 2011; this allowed Lance to explore other options such as writing. After he read and enjoyed the Hunger Games,  he felt the novel needed more comedy. The only thing he wanted was the addition of comedy to a dark story. He started to write Denton Little’s Deathdate, and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Lance Rubin’s favorite type of literature to read and write is dark comedy. Lance Rubin is currently living in Brooklyn, New York with his wife and kids as he continues to write novels.

     Denton Little’s Deathdate starts with Denton, not in his bed and with two days left to live. He eventually figured out that he was in Veronica’s, his best friend’s sister, bed. He rushes home to his step mother’s dismay. With it already being 11 am, he had to quickly get ready for his funeral. He went to get ready in the bathroom when he saw a purple blotch on his right leg and thought,“ this is the way I die.” At his funeral, everybody gave their eulogy about him. Finally, it was his turn. He was as ready as he could ever be to give a speech about himself dying. However, he forgot his speech at home, so he had to improvise quickly. He had the perfect eulogy, and Denton received a standing ovation. He always hated the end of funerals because they were awkward, so he decided to throw candy into the crowd. At the end of the funeral, a man named Brain Blum gave Denton a business card, but his stepmother dragged him away before he could get it. For the rest of the night, he hung out with his friends. During the night, Denton took his girlfriend to Lover’s Cliff. Suddenly, a cop came out of nowhere and broke up their kissing. Afterward, Denton visited his best friend for one last smoke. However, He noticed something off about a cabinet. It was open and contained pictures of Denton and his father together; he was perplexed. After they finished smoking, a girl came running out and showed Denton that she also had the splotch. He checked his splotch, which had grown to both of his legs. Then, he realized the time. It was 11:50; ten minutes away from the day he will die. 

      With ten minutes left to make it to his sitting (waiting for your death with friends and family), Denton and his friends jumped in the car and headed to Denton’s house. When they pulled into the driveway, a crowd of people rushed over to Denton to make sure he was alright. He went in and saw his girlfriend, all of his family, and close friends. All of a sudden, his body slowly became purple, and so were two of his friends. Denton remembered the business card given to him by Brain Blum. He instantly called him and met him in his car; they drove to the mall for a safe place to talk. Brain talked about how he was the one who delivered him as a baby, and he was there when his mom died. Brain drove him back home, and Denton snuck back into his house. When he went out to the living room most of the people were gone except his parents. They allowed Denton to go to the prom under their supervision. Midway through the prom, Denton was starting to not be able to feel his legs, but he did not think anything of it. More time passes and he feels like he can’t walk, so he went to the bathroom. When he walked back out to the dance floor, he fell on the ground paralyzed. He was on the ground and his body was turning red. They rushed Denton outside, but a group of people kidnapped him and stuffed him into a van. The kidnapper’s van struck another car and Denton flew out and went unconscious. He woke up at the hospital. Before he was taken in for surgery, Brain Blum stops Denton and slips a note into his pocket saying, “Run, go to New York.”

       Denton Little’s Deathdate‘s theme covers the idea that every day is precious and never take life for granted. This theme is present throughout the book because in his last days he does what he wants and exercises his freedom. He was able to tell the girl he liked how he felt and find more out about his dead mother. Denton did more in his last two days than he did his entire life. The quote “life works in strange ways” applies to the theme because Denton didn’t always get to choose what he did in life, but he can change how he responds. Although Denton’s “last days” on earth were hectic, he got to learn about himself.

       The book Denton Little’s Deathdate was my favorite book I have ever read. The book contained comedy, action, and a little darkness. Denton’s last days were not as easy as he thought they would be, and he did a lot more than sitting on a couch and waiting till he died. He went out to find out more about his mother and his death date. I chose my author because he is relatively new to the world of writing, but he came with a bang. His tone throughout the book shows the sadness that haunts Denton. I am glad this is the first book in the series, and I can’t wait to read the second novel.

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