All American


Gang violence, drug abuse, and class structure of the American society are just three hard-hitting topics displayed on Netflix’s new show All American. What’s this new hit show about you ask? Well football, kinda. This dramatic underdog series is centered around a true story about a high school football player, Spencer James, and his climb to his dream of playing in the NFL. It’s hard to get online or browse social media without accidentally reading a spoiler or watching clips of people imitating the main character. Before you decide to spend the rest of your quarantine wasting time on twitter etc….I would suggest giving this new drama a chance, as it might change the way you think about not only high school football but the rise to the top itself.


Without spilling any of the dramatic twists and turns of All American, I’m here to give a brief rundown of the show itself. As I mentioned earlier, the whole show is centered around Spencer James, a high school football player from South Crenshaw, California. James, a rising football star in his community, is faced with a major life decision starting in episode one. When former NFL player and Beverly Hills High football coach, Billy Baker, shows up to one of Spencer’s games, he gives him the opportunity of a lifetime, to leave his gang-infested neighborhood and come play for him in Beverly Hills. This singular question changes the pace of the show and Spencer’s life forever but this show is far deeper than Spencer’s football career. It takes the viewer through the twists and turns of high school relationships, the motives of coaches, and the struggle to fit in in Beverly Hills. Are the motives of everyone around Spencer pure of heart or are they more sinister? That’s for you to decide.


When it comes to the characters and actors in the show, I found that while it is dramatic, some of the characters are extremely relatable while others teach the viewer the ins and outs of a culture unfamiliar to some. When I first began watching the show, I had never heard of any of the actors behind but I believe this has been one of the best parts about the show. I was watched the characters grow and change as they made decisions throughout the show. While it is focused on the struggles of Spencer James, it does shed a light on many other changes living in Beverly Hills. While on the outside, these characters seem to have a much better life than Spencer on paper, they have some serious, deep-rooted problems themselves that Spencer must help them overcome. Overall, the differences in characters create a very unique relationship worth watching.

Rumor has it, season three is airing on Netflix very soon, so I would suggest using your time wisely and getting a head start on seasons one and two. Overall, All American has been one of the best shows I’ve seen in awhile and my favorite on Netflix right now. It is currently rated #7 on the list of top 10 shows airing today! I highly recommend giving it a shot, and I would be curious to know whether the students of Lewis Cass believe it should be higher or lower on that list.

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