Wizards of a Waverly Place


During these troubling times, the one tool we can almost always depend on are usually electronic devices to keep us entertained: whether it be watching the news and keeping up to date on the latest events, re-watching movies or finding new movies to watch, or binge watching a childhood show that everyone once loved. Since we are all confined to our own homes, now would be a great time to do what we always say we will but never have a chance to because we are “too busy.” For me, as crazy as it sounds, that was to finally re-binge watch Wizards of a Waverly Place. The show was my absolute favorite back in the day, but I was always busy during the day and too pooped out by nighttime to continue watching it. 

If you have not watched this amazing show or only happened to have seen parts of some episodes, I will try not to spoil so much for you. The main characters of the show are a family of wizards who own a Waverly Sub Station in Manhattan. The three kids try to master their magic or risk losing it all. Their dad lost all his magic when he married their mortal mom. Selena Gomez plays the girl and is mainly the “bad girl” and is considered the main main character out of the five. The kids get themselves in countless amounts of trouble in which they either get themselves out of it or their dad has to come to the rescue. 

Usually, the kids try to use the new spells they learn each episode from their dad for their own personal gain. Throughout the show more and more characters will come into screen that are from other Disney shows. Not only that, but different species such as vampires, werewolves, and more will come into play. The show is very comedic and a great stress-reliever in my opinion. I believe that the show only continues to get better as it goes on, just like most shows, and the quality of the show enhances too. 

My favorite type of episodes are when the crossovers from different Disney shows occur and the mystical creatures appear because it just adds a lot of mystery and excitement. I miss the characters so much and I wish the kids nowadays could have grown up watching the same shows we did. Besides Wizards of a Waverly Place, other iconic shows happened to be Good Luck Charlie, Sonny with a Chance, Phineas and Ferb, and so much more. All of these shows, and more, kept children of the early 2000’s entertained and sculpted our childhood. I miss those good, care-free days when all we worried about was not missing another episode. 

In conclusion, I would most definitely recommend this golden show, and I hope when you watch it you will get hooked on it as I did. This show can be a great family show to watch and a little throwback to introduce to younger siblings or cousins. I adore the memories this show and others brought me so I hope that this will do the same for anyone who chooses to try out the show. Hopefully, I can discover more shows that I will cherish in the future ten years from now.

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