The Top 3 TV Shows Of All Time


With people staying home due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, many people are watching a lot of TV. In this article I will give you my opinion on the top 3 television shows of all time and I would recommend that anyone reading this check them all out. 

At number 3 I have Two and A Half Men. This series ran for 12 seasons and 262 episodes on CBS. Throughout its first 8 seasons, it follows brothers Charlie and Alan Harper when Alan and his son Jake are forced to move in with Charlie. While Alan is an unsuccessful romantic, Charlie is more of a misogynistic pleasure seeker. This leads to many hilarious situations when Charlie attempts to find his next one-night stand and Alan tries to keep his impressionable son Jake away from this degenerate behavior.  Throughout the first 8 seasons, all of the characters grow while going on countless hilarious and thought provoking adventures. Starting in season 9, Charlie Sheen was fired from the show due to his erratic behavior in real life and replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Kutcher plays lonely billionaire Walden Schmidt, who after being divorced by his wife decides to buy the house of the supposedly deceased Charlie Harper. This leads to 4 seasons of Alan and Walden’s relationship building and eventually the two even get married and adopt a child in season 12. While many fans of the show often complain about and bash Kutchers’ performance, I for one prefer the episodes with Kutcher over the episodes with Charlie Sheen. The show is on just about every day on the television networks TVLAND and Paramount, and I would recommend everyone check it out if you’d like to be entertained.

At number 2 I have The King Of Queens. This hilarious show also aired on CBS and went on for 9 seasons and 207 episodes. It follows Doug Heffernan, who is played by Kevin James, and Carrie Heffernan, played by Leah Remini, as they go through life in Queens, New York. Doug is a delivery guy for IPS and Carrie is a legal secretary at a top law firm. Just when things seem to be going great, Carries’ father Arthur accidentally burns his house down and so the two have to reluctantly take him in to live in their basement. This sets up the premise and is followed by countless hours of hilarious hijinks and funny escapades. Along for the ride are Doug’s buddies Spence, Deacon, and Richey. This show, in my opinion, has probably the most iconic and most entertaining character of all time in Arthur Spooner. His hilarious schemes and outburst make this already great show even better and more iconic. It is on every day on TVLAND and TBS.

My favorite television show of all time is Psych. It ran for 8 seasons and 120 episodes on USA Network. It follows Shawn Spencer who is hyper-observant and has an eidetic memory. After he is the prime suspect in a series of crimes, he has to convince the Santa Barbara Police Department that he is a psychic. Throughout the next 8 seasons, Shawn and his best friend Gus help the SBPD, and in particular detectives Carlton Lassiter and Juliet O’Harra, solve crimes using his special abilities. This comedy is filled with so many unexpected twists and turns and keeps surprising it’s fans even up unto the very last episode. This is definitely the best TV show of all time in my opinion. It is currently being rerun on the Hallmark Channel. And for fans of the show, I have some good news. There is going to be a Psych reunion in the form of a movie coming out in 2020. I can’t wait for it and I recommend you watch the first 8 seasons now so you’ll be all caught up when the movie premieres!

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