A Poem for a Loved One

A Poem for a Loved One


My uncle Angel, a kind and strong man, was an amazing human. Sadly, on February 17 he passed away due to pneumonia. My aunt asked me if I would like to say anything at the service for him, and I offered to write a poem. I wish I could have offered her something better than words in the most painful time of her life, but I couldn’t. So instead I tried to write her the best poem I could for my uncle’s service. I miss and love you uncle angel. This one’s for you.



My uncle was a very passionate man

He was strong-headed, skillful, and could do anything you and I can

He was a great cook and made delicious food

He radiated positive energy and a good attitude

If you didn’t know him, you would be missing out

Anyone would like to be his friend and just hangout


But sadly he is gone

He left this world and headed up towards space

We are left here on earth to try and keep his memory living on

Of course no one could take his place

He was a loving father, husband, and friend to all

How could we deal with the pain of such a loss?

Who could we call?


All of us will be sad and torn apart

The pain we feel, the pain in our hearts

Of course this loss is hard to take

It will be difficult to act normal or even to fake

But my uncle would not want that

He would want today to be fun and to have us chit chat

He wouldn’t want a frown on your face

But instead a beautiful smile in its place

Be happy he’d say

Everything is going to be ok 


However, that does not mean we cannot grieve

We all need time to cope

But just know he is right next to you giving you hope

He will always be next to us from now on

He’s in all of our memories

He’s in our hearts

He will never be that far apart


The loss of a loved one causes lots of pain

The world seems unfair, unjust, and unworthy

Everything changes, everything is plain.

But with each other we can get through these tough times

With my uncle angel in our hearts, we can make it through

I believe in you, and he does too.

I love you uncle angel and so does everyone here

I’ll miss you forever but my love will never disappear

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