How Can I Help?

How Can I Help?

COVID-19 has affected the entire human population in many ways. It is important to thank the essential workers, who risk their safety every single time they go to work. People often think they can be of no help from their home, but that is not true. Anybody can help during this pandemic. 

One way everyone can help each other is to stay inside, which can prevent the virus from spreading. One may not realize how many people that he or she could possibly affect with the virus. If a person is unaware that he or she has the virus and visits a few friends without following the proper precautions, those friends could infect others too. This chain of actions causes inevitable devastation. 

Believe it or not, just staying connected with family and friends positively affects the mental health of all. This is extremely crucial for everyone’s mental health because the feelings of loneliness and depression can occur more often. Ways to stay connected include meeting with friends in a healthy and safe way while practicing social-distancing. Friends have met at parking lots with a single space in-between to socialize. If leaving the house is not an option, friends can socialize virtually. Social media apps, along with video chats, texts, or calls can be used to help brighten a friend’s day.

Almost fifty percent of deaths by the virus are from people over seventy five years old. The elderly age group is affected the most with corona, so asking the elderly if they need anything can brighten their day, even if help is not needed at the time. Calling an elderly neighbor and asking if he or she needs groceries can be a great way to be a friendly and helpful neighbor. I often help one of my elderly neighbors with her yard work. Seeing my neighbor smile makes me happy, and that is a great reward.

Donating can be a very important way to lend a helping hand, which does not always mean giving money. One can give many things such as time, food, clothes, blood, and much more. My mom set up an appointment for my whole family to give blood, which is a necessary fluid for patients. Some people have helped others by making their own donation baskets filled with essentials that could help anyone in need. 

The pandemic has majorly affected small and local businesses, so support from the community helps in many ways. Some of these businesses have suffered from the government’s rules surrounding the pandemic, and as a result the owners and workers have become unemployed. Most of the active small businesses do not stay as busy as they did before COVID-19. Either way, these employees and businesses do not receive their normal, constant salary. Without this salary, bills can become more difficult to pay. If the members of the community support these businesses, they will also, in turn, support their community.

Options to help each other during this time have become endless. Participating in at least one of these actions would benefit the community, and maybe even the country. Giving back can be beneficial to others and your own well-being.

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