The One Thing I Lost


The cancellation of school because of CO-VID 19 also brought the cancellation of all extracurricular activities occurring this spring. Cancelling school was met with mixed reactions, some glad and others upset, but the cancelation of fun extracurricular activities brought a lot of sadness and left students upset. While I don’t participate in any sports and I’m not a member of the band, the one thing I was looking forward to this semester has been cancelled: the spring play.

For me personally, this hit a little closer to home than I’m willing to admit. I had put a lot of work into my role for this year’s spring play, When In Rome, and I was thoroughly excited for opening night. The musical had a lot of potential, and the entire cast was starting to realize it right as school was cancelled. In addition to the amount of work and energy being put into the play, When In Rome would’ve been our last play with our 2020 seniors: Jacob Jordan, Connor Claypool, Alexis Knight, Suzy Adkins and Nevaeh Swing.

When I realized we wouldn’t be performing in front of an audience this spring, a wave of sadness rushed over me. That metaphorical wave still hasn’t left me. In addition to sadness, I felt angry that a virus could ruin the one thing I was looking forward to.

Out of all of my emotions and feelings that came with the cancellation of the spring play, one stood out above all: the feeling of being cheated out of something. I felt as if our very last play with our seniors was ripped from us, stolen right from under our feet. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must feel like for the seniors to go through this, and not just the seniors who partake in drama.

When In Rome would have become many different things to each of the cast members, but now it remains as something we would never be able to share with the world.

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