A New Chapter of Life for Mr. Engle!

Once a King, Always a King!


Senior editors Katelyn and McKayla are holding photos of Mr. Engle's first newspaper staffs in 1983 and 1984.

A teacher for 40 years but an inspiration for many more. Lewis Cass is sad to say our dearest teacher Mr. Engle is starting a new chapter of his life as he retires from our school corporation. Mr. Engle needless to say will be missed by so many students and staff members. The impact he has left here on his students will never be forgotten.

“I am enjoying teaching as much today as I have ever enjoyed it. I still get to work early and leave late. However, both physically and mentally, I can tell it is time to call it a career.  I expect the best from myself and I want to give my students my best effort every day. I want to leave knowing I am still achieving this goal,” said Mr. Engle.
            While struggling to see him leave to take the next steps in his life, our community and student’s are forever grateful for the time we had with him as a teacher. Although Mr. Engle would like to say thank you to the community, I think it’s the community who needs to thank him. He said, “ Thank you, I could not have chosen a better school or community to spend the past 40 years. I have had so many memorable moments on a daily basis that coming to school was not just work, but a daily learning experience.” Now it’s our turn…class of 2020 would like to say thank you. 

  • “Thank you Mr. Engle for developing students into amazing young adults and preparing them for the future.”-Isaac Chambers
  • “Thank you Mr. Engle for teaching better than any other teacher. Thank you for helping me gain a respect for English even though I may not like to do it.”- Cayl Garland

    Cayl Garland chose Mr. Engle on teacher appreciation night during this year’s football season.
  • “Thank you Mr. Engle for always encouraging and supporting me throughout high school. Also, thank you for being such a great teacher and making me the writer I am today.” -Katelyn Schreckenghaust
  • “Thank you Mr. Engle for always pushing me to do my best even when good was enough”-Caleb Johnson 
  • “Thank you Mr. Engle for always going above and beyond for us students. Your class showed me to believe in my capability and to always push forward.”- Alma Gonzalez
  • “Thank you Mr. Engle for not only being a teacher but a mentor in my life and even better a friend. You have never hesitated to go the extra mile for me.” – McKayla Thompson
I chose Mr. Engle on basketball appreciation night.

As one could see, Mr. Engle has several fans from students of this year. However, his fans go beyond this year. For the last 40 years, Mr. Engle has been making an impact on students and watching them grow up to do amazing things. Out of those 21 years that Lewis Cass has offered the impact teacher program, Mr. Engle was picked as an impact teacher for 20 of those years, and that deserves some bragging rights! Therefore, let’s look back at some of those student’s speeches. 

  • “His dedication to his students and athletes is a representation of his life in general. ….His resolve has rubbed off on me over the years to the point that I make sure I don’t commit to anything I can’t finish. Thank you, Mr. Engle for your time and devotion.” -Josef Conner, 2006
  • “Mr. Engle provided a positive atmosphere for writing at a time in which I truly needed it….Without the help of Mr. Engle, I may have lost the interest in writing that I obtained at an early age.”- Julie Spencer, 2000
  • “Not only did I have a friend in Mr. Engle whose humor made the stress load a little lighter, but I had a mentor to show me what it looks like to stay focused, on task, and passionate about others”- Savanna Thompson, 2017


In the 40 years Mr. Engle was a teacher, he made quite an impact. Some of his biggest accomplishments are listed below…

Mr. Engle’s Japanese family are wearing the Lewis Cass sweatshirts and hats he gave to them during his visit in 2003.

1) Selected as a Fulbright Memorial Fund recipient (2003) to represent Indiana on an educator trip to Japan. The Japanese government funded the trip.

2) Selected as an Impact Teacher in 20 of the 21 years of the program at Cass.

3) Having the courts named after him and his family after 31 years and 320 wins. 

4)  According to Ball State, the Kings’ Courier staff published the first daily, online high school newspaper  in the state (2003).

Although our community doesn’t want to see him leave his teaching career, we will all forever be grateful for his dedication and time spent at Lewis Cass. We know, as a community,  it took a lot to get where he is today, which is why he would like to say thank you to all those who have mentored him along the way. However, he said, “A special thank you to my wife Rita, I would have never made it this far without her help and guidance in teaching and coaching.” 

With that, I am sad to say our dear Mr. Engle is officially retiring in 2020. “I plan on working as a professional proofreader part-time, spend a lot of time with my two grandsons in Indy and with one more on the way in Augusta, Georgia, and continue grading online for the AP and SAT,” Mr. Engle said.
          Our school corporation will miss you without a doubt, but we are very proud of all you have become and how much of an impact you have left here for our Lewis Cass students. Thank you!

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