Outer Banks: Pogues vs. Kooks

Outer Banks: Pogues vs. Kooks

The Pogues: the type of people who work all day and have fun all night. The Kooks: the kids that have all the money and party all day and night. Both live on the same little island, and both despise each other. It has always been this way until the Pogues find something more interesting, the beginning of a treasure hunt.

John B, JJ, Kiara, and Pope make up the Pogues, a close crew that would do anything for one another. John’s dad went missing months ago, and the whole island assumes him as dead, except John B. On a normal day, the crew goes out on their boat and finds a sunken boat. What they find on that boat will change their entire summer and the mystery of John’s father.

Outer Banks consists of drama, mystery, fun, and even a little romance. The teenagers are not cliché like most teenager roles. The characters in the show are modern and realistic, each with a unique complexity. Season one contains eight hours of entertainment, which is perfect to binge watch, multiple times. 

Most teenagers have already binge-watched the entire season, and as a result, the internet has gone wild over the show. Outer Banks took over the internet. Whether one looks on Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, or any other form of social media, one can see that most people love the show. After watching, every viewer wants to become a Pogue and live the “pogue-life.” Teenagers everywhere will shape their summer based on the amazing show. The guys will 

dress like John B, JJ, and Pope, and the girls will dress like Kiara and Sarah Cameron, a Kook.

Another viewer, Hannah Plauschin, said, “I really liked this show because it gave a great sense of adventure and freedom. Most teenagers are in love with the idea of these things on a regular basis, but even more so now because of quarantine. I believe that this explains why “Outer Banks” has blown up so much on social media. Because everyone is longing for summer and quarantine to be over, teeneagers are obsessing over the show and desire the upcoming summer to look like the characters’ lives on OBX.” 

Not only is the show a hit, but the soundtrack’s ratings match the popularity of the show itself. All of the songs will remind the listeners of the good feelings of summer, being tan, having fun with friends, and lacking responsibilities. These songs will be heard blasting from every teenagers’ car. 

I would definitely recommend this show to any teenager who likes having fun. The experience of watching Outer Banks is like no other. While sitting in bed, the viewers can get the feeling of summer-time, and the excitement of searching for treasure with their closest friends.

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