The Lake House

The Lake House

My family and I spend many weekends at our lake house. We love spending family time while swimming in the lake and staying in the secluded house in the woods. No one can bother us because of the lack of service and wifi. In my opinion, the house holds lots of character, but my sister thinks the creaking and old paintings are creepy.

Rebecca and I are complete opposites. She loves to socialize, and I like to be alone in my room. Sometimes Becca annoys me, but we barely see each other because I go to high school and she goes to a middle school. Because of the age difference, we do not have much in common. The trips to the lake house force us to spend time together. My parents normally plan our trips, but tell my sister and me at the last minute. After my parents say that we will leave soon, I pack my bag in an excited rush. During this time, my sister complains to mom and dad because she hates going to the lake house. She thinks that the woods make her feel dirty and lonely. 

Once we arrive, my parents unlock the door, and we hurry inside. The autumn breeze gets colder, and the leaves race around haphazardly. While Rebecca continues to complain, we begin to unpack our clothes and essentials for the weekend. She begins to speak out of hatred and says that she wishes she did not have parents to force her to leave for the weekend. I begin to ponder that idea but quickly push it to the back of my head.

Everyone finishes unpacking, so we start a fire to toast marshmallows. Since we forgot to pack graham crackers and chocolate, mom and dad agree to go to the nearest store to buy some. While they were gone, I think back to what Becca had said earlier. I ask her what she meant by not wanting parents. We begin to devise a plan. Then, Becca goes for a walk in the woods. 

Finally, our parents came home, and I ran to the car while freaking out. I tell them that I cannot find Rebecca anywhere and begin to explain that she went for a walk and never came back. My parents and I split up to search for her. Dad goes to search the lake, mom goes into the woods, and I tell them that I will stay and search the house. After they had been gone for a while, I met up with Rebecca. We then travel to the lake to carry out the rest of our plan.

The next day, policemen came to take care of the poor sisters whose’ parents went missing the night before. Hours later, their father was found dead in the lake, and the mother was found deep in the woods. The officers struggled to find the right words to tell the now orphaned, girls. Little did they know, the girls already knew.

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