DICE: The Quarantine Game


As I look into my cabinet where I keep all of the board games, I notice a game that I have never played before. I pick up the tiny bag and shake it. Clink Clink. It sounds like glass objects occupy the inside. I reach my hand into the bag and pull out five old dice. My mom looks over and smiles, “Those are my old dice from my childhood.”  That’s how the quarantine game began.

Dice is a very simple yet enticing game. Since my family has started playing it, my mother has told me numerous stories about her family playing it during her childhood. The game is fun, simple, and easy to learn. If one likes a game with risk, dice happens to be the game for him or her. The game is also very similar to Yahtzee, but with a larger chance at winning. 

To play this game one would need five dice, a piece of paper, and a pencil. When playing, one can have as many players desired; however, to decide which player goes first, each person picks up a die and tries to roll the highest number. Whoever rolls the highest plays first, and the turns go clockwise. 

Before one plays, one must learn how he or she would score. If one rolls three of a kind, he or she receives that number multiplied 100. For instance, if I rolled three fours then I would receive a score of 400. The same goes for any number combination except for the number one. If someone rolls three ones then he or she receives a score of 1000! Additionally, each individual one counts as 100 points. So if I were to roll two ones then I would receive 200 points. The five die individually also count as fifty points. So if I were to roll two fives then I would receive 100 points. This may sound complicated, but once one understands it is pretty easy. 

The person who rolls first must add up a score of 500 before he or she can stop rolling with however many points wanted. One picks up all of the dice and rolls. If he or she gets a number combination of three fours, she must roll the other two dice left in hopes of getting 200 more points. Once 500 is achieved, one can roll however long he or she desires; however, if one were to roll and “bust,” then his or her turn would be over. A bust sadly results in receiving zero points. When one busts in this game, it means that a person rolled and did not receive a number combination, a five, or a one. 

Everybody takes turns to roll for high scores in this fun game. Whoever reaches the score of 5,000 first wins. Truly one could change the rule to reaching 10,000, 15,000, or more, but my family always sticks to 5,000.

I recommend Dice to anyone who likes fast-paced, entertaining, family games. Any age could play, but I also recommend that one should be at least 9 years old so he or she can be able to grasp the rules easily. 

When my quarantine started, my family did not have something that we all enjoyed and could do together. After I found those dice, we play all the time. When we’re bored, after dinner, or whenever, Dice has always come in handy at curing our boredom. I hope my mother’s fun childhood game can rescue your own family from boredom.

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