A Wonderful Year



I walk into journalism, second period, just like any other normal day. I placed my bag next to my chair and sat down. Slowly, more and more of my classmates pile in through the door. Mr. Engle isn’t here yet, which is perfect for our plan. Today is the last day of school and he is retiring this year. It will be weird not having such an interesting teacher for journalism, so that is why my classmates and I decided to throw a surprise party for him. One last good day in class.

Once Sam rushed in through the door with his arms full of decorations, everyone pitched in to make the classroom fit for a party. Cayl, C.J, and Brooks hang streamers from the ceiling. Aleya, Cana, and Jack tape a “happy retirement” sign onto the wall. Katelyn, Tiana, Enoch, and Gannon pass out plates, forks, and party hats. Bella and I are on look-out duty for the man himself. Finally, McKayla sneaks in with cupcakes right as the bell is ringing. Sam is helping her pass out the desserts when suddenly Bella pulls me into the classroom with her. 

“He’s coming!” She shouts to everyone.

I turn off the lights and hide behind a few desks. Creakkkk. 

“SURPRISEEEE!!!” We all shout. And let me tell you, he was definitely surprised. McKayla passes him a cupcake, Cayl hands him a party hat, and everyone else follows suit. The whole class enjoys a nice last day at school, eating cupcakes, telling stories, and basking in the joyful moments. 

As our time dwindles down to the last couple of minutes, Mr. Engle shares words of wisdom to the whole class. I think I spot Bella tearing up, maybe Sam too. Then Mr. Engle looks at all of us and says, “Thank you for such a wonderful year.”


“Thank you for such a wonderful year.” Mr. Engle says to the whole class through our screens. I can see everyone, but it isn’t the same. Our last day of journalism should have been in the classroom; however, I am still grateful to see Mr. Engle and my classmates one last time.

We all say our goodbyes. Some of them were a ‘see you next year,’ others were possibly a forever goodbye. As I waved and ended the call, I had hoped to hear the ringing of the bells signaling that my class was over. Silence. 


Due to the coronavirus, my last day of school was not how I imagined it; however, I am grateful for all of my memories I gained from such an amazing class. I will miss the incredible seniors, the great Mr. Engle, and my spectacular classmates. Thank you all for such a wonderful year.

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