Adapting to change

Adapting to change

As a child, I always dreamt of my big year; that last year of high school. Senior year is meant to be the best year in a teenager’s life. Getting ready to move out, starting my own life, spending every last second with my friends, being the big dog in high school, and enjoying my stress free classes. While I may still look forward to those senior luxuries, I always wonder about where I will live, how my last football game will go, my grades, and potentially not being able to see my friends as much as I do now. But yet again, there is one more thing on my mind. Something that most seniors would never think twice about. Will Covid-19 ruin my senior year? 

Going into my senior year there are numerous amounts of new rules and restrictions to follow. For starters, everyone in the building must wear a mask and everyone must, try to, stay  six feet apart. As many may know about me, I am very dedicated to my sports. So what do these new rules mean for my final year of them?     

One of my favorite game day traditions is getting up before school and going to FCA. FCA always has great breakfast for the students and great role models that are willing to speak. Unfortunately, a tradition that I’ve had all throughout my high school career, has been postponed till further notice. Along with FCA, athletes are no longer able to have team dinners. 

Covid changes day after day. The real question that everyone is asking themselves is “When is this all going to be over?”. I’m sure that I can speak for most people, during this time, when I say that I take way too much for granted. Coming up on my final year of football, I never knew how easy I had it till we had to start wearing masks on the sidelines and questioning if we would be able to play the following Friday. While no one can say for sure when this pandemic will come to an end, I also tend to question if I’ll have a normal prom, a normal graduation, and etc. 

Despite many downfalls to Covid-19, there are many new ways that Lewis Cass has shown their appreciation to their seniors. Last school year, ending in the way it did, was a complete shock to most all of the 2020 seniors. Because those seniors also missed out on multiple things, Lewis Cass made new traditions that I hope continue on to my senior class and the following senior classes to come. 2021 seniors can now look forward to custom signs in their yards, a parade through Walton and Galveston, adopt-a-senior gifts, and so much support from the community and the school that will carry us into our futures. 

In conclusion, “Will Covid-19 ruin my senior year?” is no longer a question that I may wonder. Rather than thinking of the negative that this pandemic is bringing to my small town community and school, I will choose to praise the brighter side of the situation.

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