The NBA Bubble So Far

The NBA Bubble So Far

On July 30th the NBA resumed their season in a bubble at Disney World. They have created a closed off living space for the NBA players to keep them from contracting the corona virus; which, they have named the Bubble. Many were sceptical about how the teams would play after months away from basketball and being put inside the bubble. Those concerns were washed away very quickly with some of the best basketball from the NBA in a while. I’m going to go over a few of these teams.

The first team that surpassed expectations while in the bubble was the Phoenix Suns. The Suns were led by Devin Booker who was averaging thirty one points, four and a half rebounds, and six assists. These are some really great stats but the true surprise came from their eight wins and zero losses. Before the bubble, the suns had a record of twenty six and thirty nine. After their eight game win streak their winning percentage was eleven percent higher. Even with this unprecedented streak, they still couldn’t make the playoffs.

Another one of these teams is the Miami Heat. Miami is one of the most surprising teams throughout the entire season. They have several unknown players such as Bam Adebayo,  Duncan Robinson, and Kendrick Nunn taking massive leaps. They are led by several time all-star Jimmy Butler. Many people thought that the Heat would be an average team, but they have proven they are anything but average. They began the playoffs by sweeping the Indiana Pacers. Although sweeping the Pacers was impressive, their true test began when they started the series against the number one seed Bucks. The Heat have thoroughly outperformed the Bucks throughout the first three games of the series. Even during game three, when the Bucks outscored the Heat in each of the first three quarters, the Heat still came back and won. During this pivotal game three the Heat outscored their opponents fourty to thirteen. 

The final team we’ll go over is the Los Angeles Lakers. The first two teams discussed played far above what anybody thought they would. The Lakers, on the other hand, started off cold. They only won three of the regular season games inside the bubble while having the second worst offense in the bubble. Little changed when the playoffs began. The Lakers were trounced ninety three to one hundred. Before the bubble the Lakers looked like one of the best teams in the entire NBA, but from the start of the bubble through game one of the playoffs, they looked atrocious. Everything changed during game two though. During game two the Lakers won by twenty three and didn’t lose again during the rest of the series. 

These were just a few of the exciting teams in the NBA bubble. There are several other teams and players that have exceeded expectations while in the bubble. I think if teams keep playing the way they are throughout the playoffs this could end up being one the greatest NBA seasons of all time.

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