A Disappointing Experience A Review of “The Turning” by Olivia Packard Senior Writer

A Disappointing Experience A Review of

Going to the movies can be quite exciting, especially when the trailer you watched beforehand makes the movie look incredible with tons of interesting scenes and jump scares. But have you ever walked out of the movie theater disappointed, wondering what the heck you just watched? I felt that way after the school field trip when the AP English classes went last year to go watch the movie “The Turning.” All my friends and I were so hyped up to watch it, but when we walked out, we didn’t have any idea what happened in the movie.

It started out pretty mysterious and entertaining with a couple of jump scares, and at that point, I was excited to see what the rest of the movie had to offer. But to my disappointment, the movie only continued to go downhill. For a “horror and thriller” movie, they certainly did not add a lot of suspense or scary scenes. I am terrified of scary movies, but this one did not necessarily keep me laying awake at night and afraid to close my eyes.

The main boy in this movie gets in serious trouble at school, which requires him to now stay at home. He freaks out the nanny by surprising her at random times, sneaking up on her, and making awkward comments that you just don’t make to any person. The boy for sure has some past traumatic experiences, but he doesn’t let the nanny know about what happened.

The girl in this movie seems very sweet, but she does have one fear, and that fear is leaving the house and going to the outside world. In one specific scene, the nanny attempts to take the little girl out of the house into town, but she begins to panic and her brother has to threaten the nanny’s life if she continues to drive the car away from their home.

There is also a ghost in the movie that plays a big role. Without giving too much away, the nanny sees a vision of a terrible thing that happened to the ghost in the past by someone she knows. That scene did leave suspense and people wondering what was going to happen next.

The ending didn’t even seem like an ending. It left on a cliffhanger, and was just like reading a book and getting to the good part, but deciding to stop right in the middle. There wasn’t really much of an ending, and it left me wondering what was going on. The movie kept bouncing back and forth between what was happening, so it was hard for the audience to have an idea of what was going on. If you enjoy being confused throughout movies, then this is the movie for you. However, if you’re like me, you enjoy movies where you actually understand what is going on. I don’t recommend spending your time watching this movie, because in the end, you won’t know what you watched or what was going on.

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