Draft Day

Draft Day

Many people have watched an MLB, NFL, or NBA draft, but few have made movies or shows or anything about the drafts. Even though almost every sports team’s future is decided by these drafts, few people have gone in-depth into these events. I will be going over one of the few movies about professional drafts. This movie is called Draft Day. 

In Draft Day, the main character, Sonny Weaver Jr., is the general manager of the Cleveland Browns. The general manager of a sports team has the jobs of drafting prospects, signing free agents, and hiring a coaching staff. Draft Day focuses on the drafting part of the GM’s job. Weaver wants to draft the stud linebacker, Vontae Mack, but the owner of the Browns wants to get the number one prospect, Bo Callaghan. Weaver acquires the number one pick in the draft by trading away the team’s future, but he doesn’t believe in Callaghan. He eventually ends up drafting Mack and acquiring the sixth pick in the draft. He then traded the sixth pick to get all of the picks he traded for the number one back. 

Throughout the movie, there are several conflicts for Weaver to overcome. Whether it’s the owner pressuring him to draft Callaghan, dealing with the guilt of firing his father, or learning that he is going to be a father. He also has to deal with the coach he hired, coach Penn, not wanting to teach a young quarterback. He can come to terms with his mother, get coach Penn the players he wants, and keep his job while going against what the owner wants.

I loved the movie because it goes into detail about the responsibilities of a GM and all of the stress of the job. I also liked the parts of Weaver making up with his mother and learning that he is going to be a father. It’s one of my favorite movies to watch in the spring when it’s almost time for the NFL draft. It also has a great message of going with what you believe is the best choice when you need to make an important decision.

In conclusion, Draft Day was a great movie that goes over several problems that GM’s and regular people face every day. It does a great job of exploring a GM’s draft day when a team has high expectations. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone that is interested in sports leagues.

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