Is it too Early?


‘Tis the season to be jolly…or is it? It is still the middle of November yet people have already begun blaring Christmas music and decorating houses. The street lights have already been decorated, stores are selling multiple Christmas related items, and the grand shopping has begun. Granted, we all have our preferences, but what if preparing for one of the most favored Holidays this early is actually a good thing? If we really think about it, what is the real harm in doing so?

First off, starting the massive shopping spree for loved ones and friends early would actually be a smart move because many items could be at a better pricing scale than it would be the month of December. Normally, prices would be more expensive for last minute shoppers, which is what I usually end up having to do. To get good, meaningful gifts at a reasonable price would mean to start shopping as soon as possible right after Halloween. The wonderful feeling of seeing someone’s face light up after spending time trying to get the perfect gift for them is so contagious and heartwarming, so why wouldn’t anyone want to start putting thought into their gifts now? In my point of view, I would not start as early as the beginning of November, but to start shopping towards the end of November would be a reasonable time in my eyes. In addition to that, I like to be prepared and not stressed, even though I procrastinate a lot, so starting my shopping fairly early is calming for me. 

Now let’s talk music. My mom would always play Christmas music even when it was not even Thanksgiving yet and I would always act like it was absolute torture. All I wanted to listen to was the latest Pop songs NOT Michael Buble. Now that I have grown up a little more, I do not mind listening to Christmas music at “inappropriate times” and I understand now why my mom loved to play it so early. Hearing that genre of music enlightens me and makes me feel giddy for I know that my favorite Holiday is coming just around the corner. I remember seeing snap stories on Snapchat on whether it was appropriate to start listening to Christmas songs in November or not and a couple years back I would have been so opposed to it, but now I am a part of that ten percent who start listening in November. “Oh how the turn tables.” 

Honestly, the thrill and excitement of the Holidays is not enough for just a month so why not start that Christmas feeling a tad early: the middle of November early. One could get the best gifts early and Black Friday sales are also THE number one time to get the ideal gifts for family and friends. I generally like to go shopping anyways, so shopping for Christmas is one hundred times more fun and special. So after all of this, are you one of the ten percent who shops early, decorates early, and blasts Christmas music as soon as it is reasonably possible? If so, what is your favorite go to Christmas song?