The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard

Who is the most iconic actor you can think of? Most people think of Adam Sandler. One of his best movies is The Longest Yard. The Longest Yard is, in my opinion, Sandler’s best movie. It takes a more serious tone than most Sandler movies. It’s still a comedy but it is far more serious than Grownups or The Waterboy.

The Longest Yard is about Paul Crewe, a disgraced football player who is sent to jail for drunk driving. While he is in prison he is challenged by the warden to create a football team out of inmates to the guard’s team. He builds his team from several different groups from within the prison. Since he is creating a team of convicts, several are massive athletic specimens. Some of these players are the offensive lineman Turley and Battle, the wide receivers cheeseburger Eddy, and Deacon Moss. They also created a cheerleading group from the unathletic part of the prisoners.  Crewe has also decided to take up the quarterback spot.

As the team comes together for the upcoming game against the guards, Crewe is told that if he wins the game he will have an inmate murder pinned on him by the warden. Crewe starts the game by wanting to lose in a close game so he won’t be kept in prison for decades. Crewe attempts to lose but quickly realizes his team is too good to lose against the guards. He has to take a dive to keep from spending his life in prison. The other inmates figure it out and bench him and try to win on his own. Crewe has a change of heart and admits to the team he tried to take a dive. The inmates welcome Crewe back and go on a last minute-game winning-drive. 

I thought The Longest Yard was a great movie about doing what is right over what is best for yourself. It takes time to get to know each character and learn why they are in prison. I also thought that it had some of the best football scenes in any movie I’ve seen. In most movies, they do a terrible job and make the plays look terrible, but in The Longest Yard, it feels as if you’re on the field with the players. 

All in all, I thought The Longest Yard was a great movie and shared a great message. It did a great job of making me care about the characters and their problems. It also dealt with forgiving oneself. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone.

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