The Catamaran


What is a catamaran? The catamaran is a type of boat that’s like a yacht. The reason the catamaran was invented is because they wanted to use it for war,visitation, and exploration. The catamaran was made in 1663 by Sir William Petty. Catamarans are usually used to travel long distances but are used for fishermen as well. The catamaran was very famous in the 1980s for racing. The catamaran used to have a canoo like shape and was made of logs and a stable flag. Now catamarans are way bigger and are able to self-right in case of a knockdown. One thing I would add a chest at the back for anything you would need during the day and I would make it able to float, so if the ship sinks you can keep anything that was in the chest. The catamaran is still being used and there is even evidence of tribes in India and Polynesia using a catamaran type boat. Early catamarans could reach 70 feet and now they can reach about 145 feet. Without waves a catamaran can reach 80.5 miles. That’s about as fast as a car! Catamarans are pretty cool and I’m glad I got this boat as my mode of transportation.