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Many people don’t know how to feel about the new TV series called You. Some people see the movie as entertaining and interesting, but other people view the movie as incredibly disturbing. Each episode explores the thoughts and feelings of Joe Goldberg as he tries to make his new love interest fall for him. This may sound like just another “chick flick” or romantic show, but it displays a concept much more than an ordinary love story.

Goldberg, a bookstore manager, meets Guinevere Beck one day while he’s working. Beck aspires to be a writer, and she has a love for books similar to Joe. He immediately becomes interested in Beck, and she’s all that takes up his thoughts every day. The show dives into the mind of Goldberg and reveals just how obsessed he becomes with trying to impress Beck. She displays almost all of her life on the internet, so this makes it easy for him to use social media to learn all the details he can about her and the many people in her life. He uses these details to become closer with Beck every day in any way he can. His obsession for her grows and becomes quite dangerous as he tries to get rid of everything in his path to be with her.

Penn Badgley is the actor that plays Joe Goldberg, and he wasn’t too excited about playing this role in the beginning. He claimed that he had trouble “understanding Joe’s humanity” and didn’t see You as just another show. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Badgley said, “If this is a love story, what is it saying? It’s not an average show; it’s a social experiment.” On social media and in interviews, Badgley reveals his true thoughts on his character. Even though he was hesitant in the beginning about playing this role, he said that he still wanted to bring the character to life because that’s his job as an actor.

I personally think the TV show is interesting. It keeps my attention in every episode and incorporates many unexpected twists into the plot. For example, Goldberg runs into trouble with one of Beck’s previous boyfriends, and the outcome is grim. The show is rated TV-14, so it may not be appropriate to watch with a younger audience. I recommend this show to anyone who likes drama and suspense.

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