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Jack Di Benedetto, Senior Writer May 4, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself how the world originated?Have you ever thought about why we have some instinct to do certain activities ? Have you ever thought about how we are born with some knowledge without...

Internet v Bullying

Internet v Bullying

Faith Abbott May 4, 2022

High school isn’t easy for anyone. It’s one of the hardest times in most people’s lives. Everyone is pushing you to plan your future, peer pressure, school, and trying to enjoy the good times. There...

3D illustration of the theater with red curtains

The Lewis Cass Drama Club needs serious revamping…

Preston Parker, Senior Writer May 2, 2022

               When the curtains closed on my final high school performance just yesterday evening, I felt a lot of different emotions. I felt a great sense of sadness, seeing as it was the last...

Lewis Cass FFA

Lewis Cass FFA

Morgan Sailors April 25, 2022

Imagine being involved with the community educating them about agriculture through contests, trips, service, and activities all year round. The Lewis Cass FFA is one of the best FFA programs in the state...

The Into the Woods cast on Saturday, March 12, 2022 after a pep talk.

Keeping up with Choir

Faith Abbott March 14, 2022

Every nine weeks I cover the choir concert, however this nine weeks there’s so much happening in choir that writing about just the concert wouldn’t scratch the surface. Choir is so much more than just...

Into the Woods Jr. comes to Lewis Cass!

Into the Woods Jr. comes to Lewis Cass!

Preston Parker, Senior Writer March 8, 2022

Performance art is something that few people, living their everyday lives, get to see. TV shows and movies don’t count. While there are many incredible stories that have been and are yet to be told on...

Is this the start of WWIII?

Is this the start of WWIII?

Faith Abbott March 4, 2022

Conflict is everywhere. Maybe it’s a sibling fight, a parent-school fight, or a people-government fight. Recently, there was a fight much bigger than any of these. One that could be the potential start...

Game of Thrones

Jack Di Benedetto, Senior Writer February 25, 2022

Everyone in the world has at least heard once about the tv show named game of thrones…but what is it exactly and why is it so famous among people ? First the Tv show Game of Thrones is based on George...

Best Things About Movies

Best Things About Movies

Faith Abbott February 22, 2022

Since we’ve been out of school so much, I’ve had lots of time to watch movies. Each movie has its own unique qualities that make it either appealing or unappealing. Some movies have a suspenseful plot,...

Goose in Boots

Goose in Boots

Preston Parker, Senior Writer February 22, 2022

Andy the Goose was a goose born without feet that lived on a farm in Hastings, Nebraska in 1987. His lack of feet would lead to his rise in fame globally, something that neither he nor Gene Fleming,...

The Olympics games: Yesterday and today

Jack Di Benedetto, Senior Writer February 11, 2022

If in the last few days you scroll between the tv channels, you have probably seen that the winter Olympics are going on ? But what exactly are the Olympic games and why are they important? The Olympics...

Managing Life

Managing Life

Faith Abbott January 31, 2022

We all have to deal with things we didn’t choose to. These types of things appear everywhere in daily life. Maybe it's working with people you don’t like. Maybe it’s being put on a morning shift...

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