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Gas Prices

Gas Prices

May 12, 2022

Cars. It is every teenager's dream to get a license and plunder the world. But what a lot do not realize is the cost of owning a car. Unless your parents are paying for every vehicle-related expense you...


Jack Di Benedetto, Senior Writer May 4, 2022

Have you ever asked yourself how the world originated?Have you ever thought about why we have some instinct to do certain activities ? Have you ever thought about how we are born with some knowledge without...

Internet v Bullying

Internet v Bullying

Faith Abbott May 4, 2022

High school isn’t easy for anyone. It’s one of the hardest times in most people’s lives. Everyone is pushing you to plan your future, peer pressure, school, and trying to enjoy the good times. There...

3D illustration of the theater with red curtains

The Lewis Cass Drama Club needs serious revamping…

Preston Parker, Senior Writer May 2, 2022

               When the curtains closed on my final high school performance just yesterday evening, I felt a lot of different emotions. I felt a great sense of sadness, seeing as it was the last...

Nevermind: An Album that Defined an Entire Generation

Nevermind: An Album that Defined an Entire Generation

Elijah Beard, Sophomore Writer May 2, 2022

We all have music that we like. Some people like rap music and some other people might like hard rock and heavy metal. Some songs are more successful than others, but some are way more successful than...



Tianna Casner, Junior Writer March 14, 2022

Everyone has hobbies. There's so many different hobbies that a person could pick up and enjoy, so there’s truly something for everyone. While some people enjoy sports or gardening, one of my favorite...

The Into the Woods cast on Saturday, March 12, 2022 after a pep talk.

Keeping up with Choir

Faith Abbott March 14, 2022

Every nine weeks I cover the choir concert, however this nine weeks there’s so much happening in choir that writing about just the concert wouldn’t scratch the surface. Choir is so much more than just...

Game of Thrones

Jack Di Benedetto, Senior Writer February 25, 2022

Everyone in the world has at least heard once about the tv show named game of thrones…but what is it exactly and why is it so famous among people ? First the Tv show Game of Thrones is based on George...

Best Things About Movies

Best Things About Movies

Faith Abbott February 22, 2022

Since we’ve been out of school so much, I’ve had lots of time to watch movies. Each movie has its own unique qualities that make it either appealing or unappealing. Some movies have a suspenseful plot,...

Tribune review: Tax cut for tobacco companies would be a mistake

Tribune review: Tax cut for tobacco companies would be a mistake

Elijah Beard, Sophomore Writer February 15, 2022

In the article “Sound off: Tax cut for tobacco companies would be a mistake,” Jennifer Ogle uses logos to explain the number of deaths due to tobacco related illnesses making her point more effective....

Lila headed to the bathouse.

Halsey’s best ERA

Faith Abbott February 10, 2022

Anyone who keeps up-to-date with Halsey knows that they dropped a new album last year on August 27. The sound of this album is considerably different from their past albums and EPs. Their first few EPs...



Morgan Sailors February 10, 2022

Imagine having a movie made about your life. In the movie Elf, Buddy was inside Santa’s gift bag and was brought into the north pole, and made a journey to New York City to see his biological father....

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