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This is for the people who think they are alone, for the ones who think nobody understands, and for the ones that seem to be unheard in a crowd full of people. No, this is not a pity party or a story looking for attention. This is simply me using my abilities for the better.


I understand that life is very challenging at times and things don’t always turn out how we would like them to. Those are the moments that make us stronger than we used to be. The days where getting out of bed is a challenge; it makes us a better person. Even the over stressed late night mental breakdowns, the recurring anxiety attacks, and the trembling words we cannot seem to find make us a better person. Often when describing the emotions that take place during a break down, the answer is somehow related to stress. The words used for an anxiety attack hold a little more darkness than normal, and being so broken that not even words can explain, that pain is a living nightmare.


A nightmare I often find myself facing on a day -to- day basis. As I stated earlier, this is not a pity party. This is a story to let others know it’s okay to be broken. Late last year our community was hit with a few major events, events that changed everyone’s lives in a way we never could of imagined. Going into my senior year, I figured it would be the best year of my life only to realize it soon became the worst. Not only did I start my senior year with five amazing friends, but I will soon be ending with only two. Sad to think in a span of two months I lost more than my heart could handle.


I went from knowing what I wanted to do with my future, to thinking that I cannot handle anymore changes in my life. I went from knowing whom I could call on when times became tough to not knowing where to turn. As feelings of heartbreak, emptiness, and calamity hit my life harder and harder, I knew something had to change. I knew my breaking point was coming soon I could feel it with every passing second. Not to my surprise, it happened; I finally caved in and shattered. Denying how I felt wasn’t going to work anymore.


I know being older gives me the opportunity to have a voice, so please to the readers that do read this. Please listen close. It is okay to fall apart at the seams when things turn for the worst. It is completely okay to go talk to someone. Personally, after I hit my breaking point, I knew I needed to talk to someone. I needed to know things would get better… eventually. Knowing that all this effort I am putting into making it through each and every day will be worth it. Moral of the story is to know you are not alone. You will conquer this storm that is fighting against you. Know that it is okay to ask for help it is okay to struggle as long as you get back up with determination to overcome anything in front of you. This will get better, maybe not tomorrow or the day after, but someday things will be perfect. That is when you can appreciate the struggles you overcame. I believe in you, so please don’t give up.

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